Two new biotechs unveil $ 112M in combination with anti-cancer drugs


The FDA-approved list of over-the-counter drug conjugates (ADCs) is growing, and such supplements are available online at several companies. On Thursday, two more biotech startups joined the mix, announcing a total of $ 112 million to develop their own programs.

Of the two companies, Copenhagen, Denmark, has invested ሚሊዮን 51 million (about $ 62 million) in the largest investment in Denmark. Series A round Financial support. Launched between Shanghai and San Diego, Adtrax has raised $ 50 million in a row.

ADCs include anti-cancer drugs associated with the potential for cancer. These drugs are designed to deliver healthy cells to target cancer cells. Adendondo’s approach is reflected in his name. The company is developing ADCs targeting endocrine receptors that play a role in the entry of nutrients into the cell. It is the first target of the company Urokinase plasmonogen active receptor-linked protein, Or uPARAP This protein is overused in many cancer cells, and the company’s goal is to use it as a “drug-inducing pump” that brings the drug to the cancer cell.

Adendon’s approach, he said, would prevent the drugs from absorbing the toxins in his paychecks, which could lead to a better supply of drugs to cancer. The uPARAP protein has been found in soft-tissue sarcomas, osteosarcoma, globlastoma, multiple forms, triple negative breast cancer and some types of leukemia. Adpendo claims to be the first company to offer a targeted drug to uPARAP.

Adedendo In 2017, Nils Berndt, Lars Henning Englholm and Christopher Nelson attended Fins Laboratories from Rigshospital Hospital and the University of Copenhagen, as well as Roche. It was founded in 2014 by Henrik Stage, a BANTEC entrepreneur who runs Santari Pharmacy. The startup was out of the university and was moving in the first place Institute of Bioenvironment, Intoxicated by the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Founded by Novo Holdings and Yosio Capital, Novo Seds, a leading investment company, has led AdSendon Series A Finance. Other investors in this round include RA Capital Management, Helicopter and Gilde Health Care. AdSendo Board Chairman John Harum said in a statement that the launch of the new cash register will enable it to bring its first program into conceptual human testing. In addition to the uPARAP program, Addendo is building an additional ADC Therapy pipeline.

Adrentx is led by Hui Lee, a former CEO of Levna Biofarma, founder and CEO of Sorrento Therapeutics Ads Branch. Startup did not provide any information about the programs, although the company described the ADCs as “next generation” and did not say what the drugs were targeting or how they differed from existing or developing ADCs.

In addition to the antibodies to the antibody, the ways in which ADC developers identify their medical candidates can increase the toxicity of these drugs, or chemical agents can be used to link that load to the antibody. The type of link used affects the payload after the drug reaches the cancer cells.

Adcentrx did not respond to an email request. as if Prepared statement. Lee Finance said the company will be able to promote many innovations and development programs. The company’s financial support is directed by CBC Group. Boeing Capital Partners also participated in Zoo Capital.

A total of 10 ADCs have passed FDA motors, all for cancer. These approved therapies include products from Segen, Pfizer, Roche, Astrazeneka, and Glasmosite Clin. The new ADC comes from ADC Therapeutics, which won last week FDA approval for Loncoxamine Testosterone (Zylonta) for the treatment of proliferative B-cell lymphoma..

Public domain Image At the National Cancer Institute



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