Two new modified Covid versions that were first discovered in India were discovered in England



new models connected to the first Covid-19 version available in India became known in England.

Public Health England (PHE) said the two species share the same line – unique genetic markers – such as the Indian version of B.1 617.

The two types are classified as “explored species” (VUI) – equivalent to B.1.617 – and not “different needs” (VOCs), as were first identified in Kent, Manaus (Brazil) and South Africa.

PHE said it had found 202 cases in one of the various cases and the other five cases “scattered in England”.

He also said there was no evidence that these variants cause serious infections or make the latest vaccine effective.

PHE said it has been monitoring the changes since March and has stepped up lab testing to “better understand the implications of HIV transmission”.

According to the latest data from PHE, 172 cases of B.1.617 have been found in England, 13 in Scotland and eight in Wales.

There are 226,635 complete Kent cases, reported B.1.1.7, in the UK, PHE figures show.

There are four black and nine species being researched that have been identified in the UK.

At a press conference on Downing Street Wednesday, Secretary of Health Matt Hancock He said concerns over new vaccines in the UK were the main reason for the election.



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