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UK Covid lives in: Indian diversity could re-establish hospitals, warn bodies | Politics


The former prime minister said there were currently 26 Covid-19 cases in Wales, since 17 yesterday, any charges relating to foreign travel against the spread of the community.

Scientists believe that the Indian nation is more likely to spread than the UK, which first appeared in Kent last year, and could be linked to the second wave in India.

With the hospitality and excitement of re-opening in Wales on Monday, Frank Atherton, chief medical officer, suggested that they continue to shrink until they became more aware of the risks involved.

Drakeford said he planned to reopen “restaurant festivals that you see happening in your area, at small gatherings like art or craft music”.

He also said the UK government’s Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergency) was due to offer its advice on Friday, when Wales government science advisers would announce “soon”.

Drakeford reaffirmed that while international travel would be allowed from Monday under electricity, government concerns over the re-emergence of the virus meant it could advise people not to travel abroad by 2021.

“If there has been a year to vacation home and enjoy everything that the wonders of Wales offer then it is the year to do this,” he said.

Drakeford said he “does not want anyone to feel guilty” when it comes to outdoor holidays, but he does want to ensure that “people make their own decisions”.

He said it was up to the people to “weigh the risks” when deciding to take part in any Wales delayed at Euro 2020 in Azerbaijan and Italy in the summer.


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