May 9, 2021


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UK Health Technology Company My Health and Associates has been awarded the M 2.5M Eurostars grant

NS-licensed digital therapeutic company My healthHe was awarded ሚሊዮን 2.5 million by three European partners Eurostars Grant CUOREMA for the development of their project

Eurostars is a joint European program with national budgets from 36 IRA countries and the European Union through Horizon 2020 Innovation UK will support my health to partially develop my heart application to support heart rate recovery in Europe.

The program provides financial support and support and focuses on the small and medium-sized objectives of R&D implementation in international cooperation. 506 applications from 36 countries are competitive in the application process. The review process looks for quality, impact and excellence.

Why it is important

With three European partners; In Switzerland, Ospedal Maltatonez (OSCAM), a project for health games in the Netherlands and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Southern Switzerland, is using the MyHeart application as part of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation and biofuels, smart algorithms and games. Features.

Each organization brings a unique perspective to the table, allowing for a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to coping with heart health.

– Dr. Simon Burn, CEO of My Health

During the three-year planning and development period, the forum will conduct regular clinical trials in the UK and many European countries.

The CUOREMA project focuses on developing a new, patient-centered cardiopulmonary resuscitation system. The technology provides a new social and biological feedback system for the devices you wear, and the application includes built-in behavioral support support systems in a combination of factual and immersive technology to improve clinical consistency and clinical outcomes.

COPD has been recognized by the panel as a major focus, My Health for clinical and technologists in this area, as well as digital therapy practices. The project has achieved great results in the field of innovation and R&D.

Once upgraded, the app is suitable for use throughout the EU and is available in French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Spanish.

Powerful match

With the latest news plans in the region “Digital Green Certificates” is a step forward for the whole EU, Member states agree on key technical specifications.

The European Commission has published the draft Adequate protection of the personal information that is normally used by member states in the United Kingdom.

On record

Dr. Simon Burn, CEO of My Health, said, “Over the next few years, we are thrilled to be partnering with such talent and diverse teams on this innovative and important project. Each organization brings a very unique perspective to the table with a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to heart health. I have a great love for digital health and this has the potential to change the lives of many for the better, helping us change our heart rate for patients across Europe.