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UK weather: Britons enjoy scorching hottest day of the year so far as mercury soars to 28°C


Today is officially the hottest day of the year as the temperature soars to 28.3 °C Met Office Has been confirmed.

Hot and sunny is enjoyed in most parts of the country weather In the past few days, people have been flocking to pubs, parks and beaches to enjoy the sun.

Today Scotland, Wales and England all recorded the hottest day of the year so far.

Temperatures reached 28.3C in Northolt, west London, while the mercury soared to 26.5C in Howardon in northern Wales and 25.4C in Achnagart, in the Scottish Highlands.

Northern Ireland also recorded its hottest temperature of the year at 23.3C in Ballyvaticock, County Down, the Met Office said.

Three friends enjoying a splash in the ocean in Blackpool

But areas of South West England and South Wales, which have enjoyed sunny and warm weather in recent days, saw some heavy rain during the afternoon.

The Meteorological Department said that it is likely to move northwards during the day and evening with strong and possible thunderstorms.

Meteorological Department meteorologist Greg Duhurst said temperatures would peak today, but warm weather is expected tomorrow.

temperature map
Temperatures hit 28.3C today, making it the hottest day of the year

He said: “Temperatures are expected to remain around 26 to 27C on Thursday over south-east England and East Anglia.

“And then for the rest of the week we’ll generally see a mix of sunshine and a few showers and temperatures around 24 to 25C.

“So it’s not quite as hot for the rest of the week compared to the maximum temperature on Wednesday, but still above average for this time of year.”

Crowd enjoying the warm weather in Brighton today
Crowd enjoying the warm weather in Brighton today

Meteorological Department meteorologist Alex Deakin said that the next 10 days will be sunny and UV levels are set to rise.

He said Brits should use sunscreen when going out and to protect their skin.

Mr Deakin said this week would be sunny, but the country could also see some heavy rain.

People queue to buy ice cream in the South Bank, London
People queue to buy ice cream in the South Bank, London

The forecaster said temperatures are likely to drop slightly, but will still remain above average for this time of year.

He added: “There is some indication that temperatures could rise again by next week.”

Warm weather has been a welcome break for people after May, which marked the beginning of heavy rains and prolonged rains across much of the UK.

UK 5 Day Weather Forecast

this evening and tonight

Sporadic outbreaks of rain and thunderstorms continue northward into northern England, northern Ireland and southern Scotland.

It will be dry but cloudy in the south, with light drizzle still in the west. Northeast UK cooler, with some coastal fog but quite warm elsewhere.


Sporadic showers crossing northern Britain, though fine and warm to the north.

It’s shining somewhere else, maybe a strange shower later. Less warm, except in parts of eastern England, but feeling pleasant.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday

There is a risk of rain and thundershowers in the far southeast Friday, otherwise good overall but it will be cloudy with occasional showers.

Light winds, warm days, although locally chilly nights.


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