Umami Burger Teams with Rumble Boxing for a Deal You Can’t Miss

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For the entire month of November, when you order a “Rumble” burger from Umami Burger, you get it for free Rumble Boxing Class.

Image Credit: Gotham Mag

Yes, that’s right … cross it back and read it again. For every November when you buy a “Rumble” burger out of stock Umami Burger Places like The Grove, you get a boxing class on them. The “Rumble Burger” is a limited edition and will not be here forever. The full official name is “Rumble Knockout Burger”, which comes in a personalized box and free class to burn those calories. Bad luck Bad luck. The “Rumble” burger consists of a 4oz smash patty, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, caramelized onions, American cheese, to its classic sauces. Do not forget to order a side fries with their famous truffle ketchup, hey you get a free boxing course, you deserve the fries. The workout class card for Rumble is valid until the end of the year, but the burger-free class combo itself only works until November. To be? You’d better run out and grab one before it’s too late.

If you’ve never been to Rumble before, they are not your typical boxing studio. The classes are divided between floor workouts with weights and the more traditional boxing class. Other than gloves, there is nothing traditional about this. The studio is illuminated with mirrors in its West Hollywood location, in a dark room with neon lights to set the mood. According to music pulsating as the instructor calls combos and the upper part of the wall holds a digital record of what is going on. It may be a lot for your first time, but if you’ve ever been to Barry’s bootcamp, it might remind you of the changes from treadmill to floor workout. Of course, you can do without the floor and focus only on boxing, but the best training comes from the combo. Do not forget to stretch, you will need it.

In addition to buying the “Rumble Burger” in stores, you can also take advantage of the deal through Postmates, UberEats, Door Dash, Grub Hub, and GO of Citizens.