May 9, 2021


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Unmarried Marriages in the UK Should Be “Prosperous” and Banned

Campaigners in the United Kingdom have written a “marriage proposal” to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about “invisible but rich issues.”

Charities are involved Of Bernardos They want to ban marriages under the age of 18 in both England and Wales, citing sexual violence and domestic violence.

Currently, 16- and 17-year-olds can get married if they have parental permission. The legal age for marriage in Scotland is 16 for anyone.

The government requires that all couples enter into a legal marriage.

However, according to several campaigns, teenage girls are often forced to marry older men whom they do not know.

Recent numbers from ONS Although the data does not reflect the number of marriages in illegal religious and customary ceremonies, in 2017, teenagers and 140 teenage girls were married with the consent of their parents.

This comes from the residents of Villa View, Wilshere, near Ashford. He reported hearing an explosion that shook the street around 8 p.m.. The first images of the blast near Ashford this morning show the massacre.

According to the campaign letter, marriages between women and girls under the age of 18 are the most common form of violence against women and girls in the United Kingdom.

The current says Forced Marriage Law It is not enough to protect minors.

The letter states: “It is incumbent upon the child to protect his or her own family and communities against the law of forced marriage, which may have dangerous consequences and, apparently, be feared by many children.”

Current law also violates the legal requirement for young people to remain in education or training until they reach the age of 18, and states that “childhood should be a time for learning and personal development.”

The letter also said the government’s efforts to end child marriage in other woredas had weakened its own domestic laws.

The British government has led to a view of tolerance for child marriage Bangladesh To reduce the minimum age for marriage by using the UK as a priority. ”

Bangladeshi officials have hailed Britain and Wales as hypocritical in their efforts to bring about change in the country. It is important to challenge this understanding by strengthening the government’s efforts to end child marriage throughout the UK.

This will come later A fire broke out at the home of a police officer in the county of Anthrax Lauren in Northern Ireland. The police, his wife, and his daughter were not injured in the blaze.

Payzee Mahmod, whose Sister Banaz He was killed last October in a premeditated homicide for forced labor.

She said that she would still be alive if she did not marry at 17 years of age.

“A boy who wants to get married at the age of 16 and wants to take on the responsibilities of marriage?” She said. “No child.”