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Update Your Wardrobe With Edinburgh Cashmere


The arrival of summer marks the perfect time to update your wardrobe with stoles, capes, and scarves for one of the most fashion-forward seasons of the year.

The weather outside is still chilly, sometimes you find yourself relying on it to get some new and warm keys, many of which would be beautiful gifts for others as well.

Of course, when it comes to warming up in the summer, the only real way to go is with cashmere and lamb.

These luxurious fibers not only feel soft and luxurious against the skin, but also look incredibly stylish.

Our first port of call for premium cashmere and lamb shanks this year? Scottish based company, Edinburgh Cashmere.

One of the top selling manufacturers of 100% pure cashmere and 100% pure lambswool products in the UK as well as wider Europe, and with its head office in the namesake city of Edinburgh, this luxury accessories brand takes pride in its high quality offerings. , either of which would look perfect as part of this year’s spring wardrobe.

Working with some of the oldest woolen mills and factories in Scotland, some of which come with a heritage of over 200 years, Edinburgh Cashmere 135 was the first company to manufacture cashmere clan scarves, and ensure that its All products are made very well. highest of standards.

And, with a focus on comfort, softness, quality and fashion design, each garment and accessory ticks all the right boxes.

Edinburgh Cashmere only uses long-haired cashmere to ensure the softest products are available and also provide great durability.

They value their customers a lot, and want to make sure they get the very best products and all round experience with them, so they pay close attention to the manufacturing process of each garment, and make them from the best materials available . and is woven with the greatest precision.

The company’s luxurious, premium quality collection includes a stunning range of capes, scarves, stoles and blankets, all available in a variety of different designs, from the classic Scottish Clan tartan to the style color palette to check out, as well as some Simple too. , solid colors for those who value something more.

Bonnie Despite its humble beginnings in Scotland, the company has big plans for 2022.

This year will see continued expansion in Europe, America and the Far East. They’ve already seen some significant sales in these markets, so they look forward to expanding on them over the next 12 months.

Not only that, they have some pretty new products planned, as well as some exclusive collaborations with famous big brand designers, so check out this space.

Edinburgh Cashmere also manufactures and wholesales top fashion brands in Italy, France and the UK and has recently expanded their wholesale business to supply major football clubs in the UK and Europe. Along with his own designer, he is also an expert in monogram and jacquard designs.

Whether you are on the hunt for some beautiful new spring outfits for yourself or some fabulous and casual gifts for your close ones, look no further as we have picked our top picks from this year’s collection that will be loved by all. Will come

A timeless piece that will see you through this season and many more in the years to come, this beautiful and sophisticated scarf is woven from the highest quality cashmere for a super soft and comfortable feel. A warm and stylish wardrobe staple that will leave you feeling toasty all year long, it comes in a variety of designs and patterns, including the exclusive DC Milan Ivory from Edinburgh Cashmere. Let’s face it, you can never have enough luxury scarves in your wardrobe, so maybe you can order a selection yourself.

A classic and stylish accessory that looks great over plain colored coats and hats, this exquisite Edinburgh Cashmere Red Check Stole is the ultimate timeless style accessory and will add interest and flair to any outfit. Best paired with an understated look, it’s perfect for those chilly days on the horizon, and would be a welcome gift for any fashionista. One of the many luxury stoles in Edinburgh Cashmere, and, one of the best.

This Exclusive Thistle Reversible Stole Woven from luxurious, premium-quality 100% lambswool, this item is a simple wardrobe staple and a versatile accessory that will work with almost any look. A casual day style pairing complete with a glamorous evening get-up, this is one luxury stole that will never let you down, no matter what the occasion.

This soft and luxurious Edinburgh Cashmere Classic Red Stripe Scarf is a versatile item that looks and feels great from the word go, a true statement piece. Made from premium quality, 100% pure lambswool, it provides all the warmth and comfort you could want, and is one of the widest range of luxury reversible scarves Edinburgh Cashmere has on offer.

The new range of Edinburgh Cashmere offers a variety of monogram and jacquard designs that combine the authenticity of Scottish symbols with the elegance of DC patterns. This exquisite 100% pure lambswool Milano stole will make you stand out from the crowd whether it is a casual outfit or any dress code that you may have to follow.

There is a wide selection of such reversible stole and cape in their designs and they like to think that Edinburgh offers cashmere options.

People often say that hats are worn in cold weather, but Edinburgh cashmere thinks that a cashmere cape such as the DC Milan Blue Check can keep you warm on cold summer evenings, even in early spring and it certainly is plentiful. Matches the colors that autumn paints throughout nature. Made from 100% Pure Lambswool, DC Milan Blue Check gives your wardrobe a touch of uniqueness.

This exclusive DC Czech Cape is one of Edinburgh Cashmere Design and Manufacture luxury items. Attention to detail and customer convenience are a priority, so they finish every item by hand.

There is only one official Edinburgh cashmere brand in the United Kingdom selling authentic Edinburgh cashmere products. Get more knowledge www.edinburghcashmere.co.uk.

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