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UPMC has received a Q1 increase from strong insurance registration


Strong enrollment growth and low claims through UPMC insurance helped boost Pittsburgh’s overall profitability in the first quarter of 2021.

Nonprofit UPMC Released $ 288 million operating income The quarter ended $ 31 billion on March 31, 2021, a 4.8% difference. This is a 0.3% difference compared to just $ 15.6 million in $ 5.5 billion in the previous year. The biggest profit was in the insurance register, which grew by 7% year-over-year, even surpassing patient service revenue.

Most of the profits, which were recognized in the most recent quarter, were $ 108 million. Otherwise, USCMS operating revenue could still rise by $ 180 million annually.

U.S.C.M. New stability follows Years razor-thin working margins At times, he even went into bankruptcy.

It is the largest medical insurance company in West Pennsylvania, with more than 4 million members. According to UMPM, the insurance industry has more than $ 82 million in operating revenue per year due to high, low administrative costs and ongoing health care use.

“It is a positive trend not only in the region but also in terms of electoral insurance,” said UMCM Chief Financial Officer Edward Carlovich on Friday.

Like other health plans, UMSMS During the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, it was providing high-level registration and simultaneous services to members, said Moody Investors Services Vice President and senior credit official.

In fact, the cost of health care for UMCM’s insurance department has been declining year by year. As of March 31, 2021, that ratio was 85.9%, compared to 89.3% by 2020.

Voxler noted that insurance plans proved to be a “natural barrier” to health systems such as UPMC during the epidemic because they provided a steady source of income, despite declining rates.

This, he said, would boost the insurance sector, at least temporarily. Not that those services will not be refunded, but it will push those costs down the line.

Unemployment related to epidemics is also less likely to shift from business to government-sponsored schemes. That’s it Performed by Kaiser PermanteFor example, membership in the health plan is 12.5 million.

Similarly, the majority of USCM membership growth was through Medicaid, which is more than 16.3 percent annually. During that time, Medicare membership increased by 3.7%. Business membership, by contrast, decreased by 5.3%.

Suzy Desay, executive director of SDP Global Rating, said Medicaid will not lose money on health plans in the same way that hospital plans are offered, especially if they manage their plans well. She also noted that members of the community were not yet receiving medical treatment for the epidemic.

UMCM in the field of sound. Carlovich’s system continued to improve from the lowlands during the epidemic.

“Our hospitals are busy,” he said.

Some care was taken outside the hospital, but Carlovich. UPCC outpatient income grew by more than 8 percent a year, and doctors’ income increased by 4 percent during that time. In hospitals, overall admissions and referral cases decreased by about 4% per year. Emergency room visits decreased by 16.5% during that time.

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