US to give full pension to Trump target McCabe

by Eric Tucker | Associated press

WASHINGTON — His lawyers announced on Thursday that he is getting his full pension back as part of the settlement of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s lawsuit resulting from his dismissal during the Trump administration more than three years ago.

A frequent target of the ire of then-President Donald Trump, McCabe was fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions in March 2018 after he determined that the Justice Department’s inspector general had misled internal researchers about his involvement in a news media leak. The termination came hours before his retirement, and he denied his pension.

McCabe denied that he had deliberately deceived anyone, was never criminally charged, and denounced his dismissal for politically motivated.

In 2019, he filed suit, saying his firing was part of Trump’s effort to purge the FBI of officials he perceived as disloyal. McCabe became acting FBI agent after Trump fired James Comey, who led the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

As part of the lawsuit, the federal government agreed to cancel McCabe’s dismissal and vacate him, consider him a good-standing pensioner, and get his pension back in full.

A Justice Department spokesperson did not immediately send an email seeking comment.

“Policy should never play a role in the fair administration of justice and public service personnel decisions,” McCabe said in a statement. He added that he hopes this outcome will “encourage the men and women of the FBI to continue to protect the American people by advocating the truth and doing their jobs without fear of political reprisal.”


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