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USA women take 9-0 lead in VNL on heels of victories over Germany, Korea


Justin Wong Orantis spread against Korea/FIVB photo

USA women improved to 9-0 in the Volleyball Nations League on Tuesday with a four-set win over Italy. It came on the heels of sweeps over Germany and Korea over the past two days.

This was followed by three days of rest and three more matches in the bubble against Belgium, Japan and Turkey in Rimini, Italy.

are here 16-Team VNL Standings. Turkey is second behind the United States at 8-1, followed by Brazil, the Netherlands and Japan with seven wins each.

On Sunday, the Americans beat Germany 25-23, 25-13, 25-13, behind 17 kills by Annie Drew, who made no errors hitting .653 in 26 strikes.

Kelsey Robinson had 12 kills, two blocks and three aces to his name. Setter Micah Hancock also had three aces, five digs and a kill.

Jordan Larsson had eight kills and hit .352, and Chiaka Ogbogu had five kills without error in seven strikes and one block. Justin Wong-Orantes had 14 digs.

“We did a really good job of being patient during the match,” Wong-Orantes said. “Germany was getting a lot of defensive plays, so we did a good job of being in our side of the net and controlling what we could do to control this match.

“I think our serve-getting game was important. Germany is known for tough service, so as long as we could control we were doing some cool stuff there.

click here for USA-Germany Highlights.

On Monday, coach Kirch Kirali announced the 12-player olympic team And America beat Korea too 25-16, 25-12, 25-15.

Heleigh Washington made seven kills without error in 10 strikes, .700 hits, and had five aces and three blocks.

Michelle Bartsch-Hackley – who led 11 Digs – also committed seven kills, and so did Jordan Thompson. Jordan Larsen added six. Chiaka Ogbogu, who had five kills, had four blocks.

Micah Hancock, who had three aces, and Wong-Orentes had nine digs, and Thompson had seven.

“I think we played very well as a unit, we were really patient, we were still ironing out the kinks,” Washington said. “I think we did a really good job and a great serve pressure too. I think it was important to serve aggressively and try to keep them out of the system. They have a lot of good weapons that are fast. We were going to net and it was better to seal.”

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Annie Druze hits against the italian bloc/FIVB photo

Drew put on a big show on Tuesday as the Americans beat the home team 25-18, 25-21, 20-25, 25-16. It was only the second set dropped by USA in the tournament. Brazil took the Americans to four in the third match of the competition on 27 May.

Druze had 18 kills and .500 hits to go with two aces. Barts-Hackley hit 16 kills and hit .424 with two blocks and an ace. Robinson had nine kills, an ace and a block, Foluke Akinradev Gunderson had seven and four blocks, and Washington had six kills, two aces and a block.

click here for USA-Italy Highlights.

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The Olympic team may have been selected, but all USA players were in the shot after playing Italy/FIVB photo

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