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Using and Adjusting Your Wing Mirror


As a driver, making sure your wing mirrors are adjusted correctly, and that you are using them properly, is paramount. Understanding the importance of these mirrors will not only keep you safe while behind the wheel, but it can also ensure the safety of other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The truth is, failing to make sure your mirrors are properly adjusted and checking them while driving is one of most common bad driving habits for motorists – despite the fact that it is an integral part of Preparing to Pass Your Driving Test.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can make sure your mirrors are positioned correctly, and how you should use them.

how to use your wing mirror

According to the rules of the road document published by the Road Safety Authority (RSA), a vehicle must have a rear view mirror so that you can see what is coming from behind, as well as mirrors on each side. These are commonly known as wing mirrors, and they allow you to see the rear and sides of the vehicle while driving.

The RSA states that you should check these mirrors regularly when you are driving so that you can see what is going on behind and on both sides of the vehicle. It also states that you should check these mirrors before driving away from a stationary position, signaling, changing lanes and overtaking other vehicles or cyclists such as road users. You should also check these mirrors if you are slowing down, stopping, turning a corner and even when you are opening the door to exit your vehicle.

It is extremely important to frequently check your wing mirrors as well as your rear view mirrors as it can significantly reduce your chances of being involved in an accident while keeping you, your passengers and other road users safe.

how to adjust mirrors

When you’re out and about on the roads, it’s important to be able to use your wing mirrors correctly that they’re both set in optimal positions – but how exactly do you do it?

To fix the position of your wing mirrors, you should start by going to the driver’s side of the vehicle. Make sure your seat is adjusted so that you feel comfortable, make sure you have plenty of legroom and that you are sitting close enough to the steering wheel. You may want to adjust the seat up or down to correct this position. You should be able to access all of the car’s main controls, including the handbrake, gear stick, steering wheel, brakes and accelerator, without pulling or straining yourself.

Using your car’s wing mirror adjustment controls, which are usually located on the driver’s inside door arm panel or on the steering wheel, press the buttons until the side of the vehicle is almost visible. In addition to the left and right buttons, you may find that you also have to use the up and down options to get to this location. If your vehicle does not have an electric wing mirror adjustment control, you should be able to easily adjust both mirrors using your hand to adjust them to the correct position.

What should I look for in my side mirror?

When you are driving you should be able to see a small portion of the side of your vehicle in both of your wing mirrors. This will give you a wider view of the sides and rear areas of the car, which in turn can reduce blind spots.

Where are the blind spots on the car?

A blind spot is any area of ​​the road that you cannot see when viewed from the windscreen or using your rear view or wing mirrors. Sometimes, a blind spot can mean that you can’t even see another vehicle, a cyclist, or a pedestrian.

A typical car often has two main blind spots. These are in the rear left and rear right of the vehicle. The design of some vehicles may also create an A-pillar blind spot. This happens when the A-pillars – the material on either side of the windscreen that runs to the roof of the car – block your view and therefore create a blind spot.

It’s important to be aware of your car’s blind spots, and you should always check them when you’re going left or right, such as when you’re changing lanes on a motorway. You should be extra careful in checking your blind spots when you are traveling on busy roads as there are high chances of another car, cyclist or pedestrian slipping in these blind spots. To make sure you are covered in the event of a collision due to failure to see something in your blind spot, it is important that you have a car insurance policy.

How do blind spot mirrors work?

In Ireland, it is advised that all Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs) should have front-fitting, wide-angle ‘cyclops’ mirrors designed to eliminate blind spots – and the good news is You can buy similar blind spot mirrors for yourself. Car too.

Blind spot mirrors typically have a curved design, and when they are attached to wing mirrors, they provide a wider field of vision while driving. The angle provided by a blind spot mirror allows you to see what your wing mirror will miss, even if it is correctly positioned.


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