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Using Japanese Candlestick Patterns with Harmonic Pattern Plus – Trading System – June 2, 2021


Using the Japanese Candlestick Pattern with Harmonic Pattern Plus

Harmonic Pattern Plus is powerful harmonic pattern trading system with highly engineered functionality. Used appropriately, this tool can yield excellent trading results. One of the trading systems built inside Harmonic Pattern Plus is the Japanese Candlestick Pattern. Harmonic Pattern Plus can detect 52 different Japanese candlestick patterns. They are classified into five categories including one, two, three, four and five candlestick patterns.

To use Japanese candlestick patterns, you need to enable candlestick patterns from Harmonic Patterns Plus. See attached screenshot for this purpose. You can then toggle the individual category patterns on and off as you like. For example, you can only use the two and three candlestick patterns if you wish.

In addition, you can also receive voice alerts, email and push notifications when a new Japanese candlestick pattern is detected.

For your information, let us tell you that 52 features of Japanese candlestick are available on Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner. However, there are other powerful features available on the Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner for the advanced harmonic trader, such as predicting future patterns.




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