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Using radical acceptance to reduce suffering


As a psychologist, I often teach clients the difference between pain and suffering in my medical practice. Pain can be severe in itself. But just because you don’t accept it, it turns into pain.

In fact, more than a year has passed since the outbreak of the Koviv-19 epidemic. But as a sign of compassion for yourself, thinking about how to deal with your own anxiety can be liberating, and you can alleviate it a little bit if there are ways.

Once I have identified the real concerns of my clients, I encourage them to take up the challenge by taking what is known as radical acceptance. It is part of the type of therapy I practice, dialectical behavioral therapy, developed by Psychologist Marsha Linhan. Many people know the word Radical Acceptance from a teacher, psychologist and podcast host who meditates on it. Tara broke down.

Acceptance means acknowledging your emotional or physical stress – the more serious challenges around small issues, such as traffic, or serious illness – and practicing wholeheartedly.

Accepting negative situations can help you feel better, even if it may not seem to be the opposite. In an interview, Dr. Brach said, “Life involves normal and inevitable emotional stress, anger, fear of health, and embarrassment in failed relationships, but more than just fully embracing our human experience, we are bound by those emotions.”

One reason is that the most common ways we deal with difficult situations are when things seem fine, when we are angry, when we are angry, or when we try to reject our feelings. This is where radical acceptance comes in. In this case, the word means to be all, rather than halfway, which makes you and those around you happy. There is a difference between accepting your anxiety and avoiding it and being willing to feel anxious when you approach meaningful situations.

Many of my clients are initially confused about how they feel about leaving, but this practice is no more than they think. Psychologically, it is an acceptable active position It certainly encourages change By helping us Manage our emotions So we can solve problems. For example, eating emotionally may be a response to being overweight, but in reality, once you have empathized with yourself, it can be easier to make healthy food choices.

According to Dr. Brach, one of the tricks to accepting extremism is to keep the acronym RAIN in mind. Rain means pause detection; Accept or accept your current experience; Investigate, pointing out what is going on in your mind and body. Then take care of yourself by bringing compassion to yourself.

By choosing to accept stressful situations, you are in for a rude awakening. As a bonus, studies show that acceptance treatments are reduced Suicide, Substance use, Anxiety, Persistent pain, And Improving relationships And real Safety.

If becoming a more acceptable person changes your personality as an extremist, Suggests the study A little effort similar to the ones I suggest below will help you improve your self-help and improve your peace of mind and quality of life.

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