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Using the Power of Communities to Create Sustainable Economics Claiming City Token Use, with Intercoin and Greg Magarshak


Greg Magarshak is the founder and CEO of both Qbix, Inc. at Intercoin. He is an internet entrepreneur and innovator who is keen on the power of social tools to improve people’s lives. Greg’s interests include mathematics, philosophy, politics, religion and social dynamics. Greg’s work on both Qbix and Intercoin puts him directly at the intersection of technology, group dynamics and politics. Greg’s goal is to build a platform that will empower people and organizations to do more things together in the spirit of friendship and collaboration.

The Power of Communities to Create Sustainable Utility-Token Economies, Intercoin, Greg Magarshak

Jamil Hasan is a Generation X Author and experienced data intelligence technology developer with two decades of experience leading data-based teams at Fortune 100 companies, including AIG, Prudential Financial, and Ingersoll Rand. Jamil believes that skill and experience, not just age, are the most important factors needed to build and lead corporate organizations.

His unique story, as someone on the ground floor of the financial crisis in 2008 and his role to help pay for the $ 180 billion AIG bailout, allowed him to face the many social ills that Generation X faces today and their causes. As a result of his experience, Jamil has built a path forward for his fellow Gen Xers to restore the financial status of his generation in today’s society and build the American Dream for Generation X.

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