Vaccination opposition Sarah Mills says she’d rather get the heroin shot than the shot

A well-known anti-fakery, who has compared her family to the victims of the Holocaust, said she would rather inject heroin than receive an injection.

A well-known anti-virus, who has compared the “segregated” anti-virus to Jewish victims of the Holocaust, said that she would rather inject heroin than receive a vaccine against the coronavirus.

Sarah Mills, and is a mother of three from regional New South Wales with over 100,000 subscribers. people on Instagram, TEC So and Facebook closed her social media accounts on Tuesday after posting a disturbing photo of her family online that coincided with the exit of Greater Sydney from isolation.

The picture shows her smiling with her children wearing yellow Star of David patches. A proud symbol of Judaism, its variety was notoriously used by the Nazis to identify Jews and designate them as “enemies of the people.”

Where the Nazi badges read “Jude” (German for Jewish), Ms. Mills wrote “no vax” before pinning the stars to herself and her children’s T-shirts.

Referring to the Star of David in the image, she compared the plan to reopen the government of New South Wales to the treatment of Jews under Nazi rule.

“This is NOT our day of freedom,” she wrote. “This is a story that repeats our mistakes, and if you wondered what you would have done in the past, take note, because you are doing it now.”

In another picture, taken on Monday, she could be seen in striped pajamas, similar to Jewish inmates in Nazi death camps, with the caption: “Prisoner 385968 attending service.”

The posts were greeted with horror by members of Australia’s Jewish community and the general population, and Ms. Mills, who on her website describes herself as “being ruthlessly bullied on the net” for her views, apparently deactivated her accounts. …

But on Wednesday, she returned, sharing an image during her Botox regimen with the caption, “Oh my God, she injects Botox and fillers in her face, but she doesn’t receive (syringe emoji).”

“Yes, I would rather inject a dirty batch of H (heroin) before I line up for your shine,” she continued.

Ms Mills also posted a picture of her three young children with homemade posters that read “F ** k Your Mandates!”

Reading her Instagram stories, she thanked the people who recently sent her “love and support.”

“It connects me to the people I need to connect and support, so I am very, very grateful for that,” she said Wednesday night.

“As many of you know who are in this community, censorship is real and it can be difficult for you to feel supported at this time when you often feel like you are alone.

“We are not alone in this. It’s amazing to communicate with like-minded people, so I am very grateful for that, I am so grateful. ”

She blamed other “influencers” and “celebrities” for criticizing her dangerous rhetoric for “attracting and inciting hatred.”

“There are people who have long dreamed of saying my name, and now they just fuck their fingers, ready, ready to go, and I just can’t wait, I can’t – I’m glad to see what comes out of this big hole,” she added she.

Attacking people who accused her of not understanding the importance of vaccinations when she was around someone with a weakened immune system, Ms. Mills said that her daughter was like that, but “I still make the decision not vaccinate and I believe, and I have the right to believe that it is in the interests of her and our family. ”

“I would still like her to be with a group of unvaccinated children and not with a group of vaccinated children,” she added.

“I would trust the parents of unvaccinated children to have healthier children. I sincerely would like to, because they are always clean, they are full, their diets are delicious, these people are always in excellent health. “

Vaccination reduces the likelihood of contracting Covid, serious symptoms, hospitalization, or death from the virus.

It also reduces the likelihood of transmitting the virus to other people.

In response to Ms. Miller’s earlier comparisons to the Holocaust, Dr. Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, a leading civil rights organization, said the images were “beyond ugliness and insult” and that they were “trivial and humiliating Holocaust “. …

“While Sarah Mills certainly has the right to express her strong opinion on the actions taken by state governments in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, comparing them to the monstrous laws passed by Hitler’s Third Reich is outrageous,” he said.

“Nothing in Australia can compare or even come close to the indescribable atrocities committed by Hitler on an industrial scale.

“For Ms. Mills to use her children and use the infamous yellow star that Jews were forced to wear by the Nazis during the Holocaust in order to first identify, then dehumanize and ultimately kill them simply to gain a political score on mandatory vaccinations. – it’s outrageous and disgusting. ”

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