May 6, 2021


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Vality Bottas is ahead of Luis Hamilton and Max Vertapen on the grid.

LEW STAPP’s on gas

Louis Hamilton promises to pull out his elbows in the first round of the battle with Max Verstapen, who detonated the “f *** ing d **** s” bar.

When the Red Bull man qualified for Portugal’s GP on Sunday, he saw his staff’s thighs being removed by his supervisors.

Valtory Bottus was then caught in traffic as he tried to hit the pole in vain.

After completing the third grade, Vertapen could not hide his frustration at the fact that he was rocking his TV cameras.

Controversially, when Lando Norris qualified, he was told he would not be given anything, while Vertapen suppressed Sebastian Vettel’s slow-moving Aston Martin.

On the group radio, “F * again, why don’t these people move. I am in a hurry.* D*! “

He later added: “I am not happy about a single leg.

Driving was not fun. If you look at the lap time [that was deleted] Of course we could have a pillar, but I don’t want to talk like that… do, do, can…

I thought I could do it again, but I wasted no time in doing that with Aston Martin.

I remember coming here to Portmao before GPR and was in my three favorite trails and then they changed the asphalt. I don’t like it anymore.