Home Entertainment Vanessa Hodgens meets Ashley Tisdale’s Baby Girl Jupiter

Vanessa Hodgens meets Ashley Tisdale’s Baby Girl Jupiter


There is nothing purer than mere existence Vanessa Hudgens And Ashley TisdaleFriendship of friendship.

And one of these is that the next moment introduces his ex High school musical instruments She and her husband are co-stars Christopher French2 month old girl, Jupiter Iris French. On Friday, May 26th, the arrogant first-time mother posted two pictures of heartbreaking moments that show Vanessa sitting on a couch holding the baby girl in her Instagram story.

Ashley, 35, wrote, “Juju and Aunt Nessa,” the moment she literally met Jupiter Ness, she opened her hand to hold me. It warmed my heart. “

Vanessa, 32, posted a picture on her own Instagram story, writing, “I melted on top of this angel.”

Ashley, First Major High school musical instruments Mom becomes a father, and Vanessa is one of the only former co-stars from the hit franchise to have long-term besties and regular contact. In March, three weeks before her birth on Thursday, Ashley shared a picture on social media of her hugging her BFF baby bump.

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