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Vangard York Mall brings parking changes


Vangard will provide free parking for more than 1,300 cars at the Monk’s Cross, but there will be some changes from Friday, May 21.

From then on, parking will be allowed on a certified ticket for up to six hours.

Drivers need a ticket for any stay longer than 4 hours, which the center says will give customers more space, preventing non-customers from using the parking lot for transportation or daytime parking.

Verification requires purchase confirmation from any Vanguard Store Park stores, cafes, or restaurants and can be done by contacting the Management Shop (near Priscilla) or any member of the Marketing Park customer service team.

When matches are played at the LNER Community Stadium (as the first with spectators York City Knights On Sundays (May 23, 3 pm) with Oldham, more than 2 hours of parking will be required. During game days, M and S and next, they can provide parking confirmation vouchers to their customers, and staff members in those stores will help with this.

Signs are clearly visible around the park to remind visitors of events and options to extend their stay. For fans who watch matches, parking options for match day are available through Football Or rugby club websites.

Deborah Odonel, center manager at Vanguard Store, said: “We are thrilled to be part of the spacious stadium and entertainment development and feel that their facilities really complement our stores and restaurants in Vanguard.

These events ensure that there are always parking spaces for our customers. However, we realize that you often want to spend more time here, so allowing a parking ticket for up to six hours means that everyone has more time to shop, eat, and play. ”

More parking information and FAQs are available at Vangard website.

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