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Verdogo beat Red Sox Marilynens 5-2 in rainy season – Boston News, Weather, Sport


BOSTON (AP) – Alex Verdogo hit a three-run home run, with Jedi de Martinez driving two runs in two runs and the Boston Red Sox won 5-2-2 on Friday night. Rain.

Despite the efforts of the camp staff, at first a drop of rain fell, and all the ponds worked in the ponds.

Adam Otavino won the sixth bout once before being suspended by the referees. After an hour and 25 minutes of delay, the game was called off and Otavino was saved for the second time.

It was the second straight game to be delayed by the Red Sox. Boston’s home game against Atlanta was interrupted by rain on Wednesday night, and the delay continued for three hours before the Sox ended Thursday’s 9-5 win over Atlanta Braves.

For the weekend in a row, Marilyn’s lone visit to Boston has been marred by uncertainties for Friday night and Saturday, but they have struggled to hold on to the opening.

Martin Perez (3-2) stopped five innings and won, leading Miami to two runs with five wins and four goals.

Ruki Cody Potte (2-1) took the first loss. Pot stopped 4 1/3 innings, allowing five runs on four wins and two trips. Pott also snatched six.

George Alpharo beat Homer for two runs. Martinez hit two runs to tie the third, then Verdogo broke Marlins’ bull in the fifth.

Double partners

The interview series features two members of the Davers family going face-to-face. Boston third baseman Rafael Davers meets his cousin Jose Daver for the first time in his career as a starting midfielder with the Marlins.

Rafael, 24, hit the Red Sox in the fifth, giving his 21-year-old cousin a smile as he climbed to the bottom of the plate. But after Raphael was beaten on three pitches, it was Jose who laughed out loud. The younger Davers smiled even more when his older cousin returned to the dumb after a bad 0-2 run.

Boston manager Alex Cora Rafael Davers said he had spied on his younger cousin.

“Rafi says he’s flying, so we have to be ready for that,” Cora said before the game.

open up!

The game was the last before Massachusetts lifted the COVID-19 limits and capacity limits. Roche Wallensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was scheduled to cast a preview of Saturday’s pre-match ceremony – weather permitting.

welcome back

Former Boston manager Sandy Lyon, who played for the Red Sox for five seasons and helped the club win the 2018 World Series, showed some highlights of the Red Sox year, followed by a live stream in Marlin’s footsteps.

“He was big for us,” Cora said before the game.

After Adam Duval left the line-up with a sore on his left side, Lyon entered as DH.

Coaching class

Marlins-of-Starling Mari has returned to the starting line-up after missing 34 games with a broken rib. Marte also picked up SS Miguel on a 10-day IL with a left-footed finger on 1B Levin Diaz. Three-A Jacksonville.

Red Sox: Reminds RHP Colten Beer from Three-A Worcester. The beer, which did not load the main ones this season, gave WooSox four times of relief, allowing four runs on four wins over four innings.


Marlins: LHP Trevor Rogers (6-2, 1.75 ERA) leads Miami to victory. Rogers held more than five innings in a single run against Philadelphia on Monday but was not included in Marlins’ 9-6 victory.

Red Sox: RPP Nathan Ewovaldi (5-2, 4.39) Rice Hoskins returns to his first start since the end of the Homes with a 68-yard touchdown run in the Philadelphia final last Saturday.

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