May 9, 2021


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Vibration-up on the Kuviv vaccine manufacturer who took millions of doses

The Baltimore plant is one of two federally designated sites that are ready to produce vaccines or treatments in public health emergencies. Linn In June 2020, the Trump administration awarded a $ 628 million contract to Emergen, to acquire space for the production of coronavirus vaccines, mostly in Baltimore.

In Washington, Emergence is known for it Violent lobby and government relations Establishing both Democratic and Republican administrations. The board of directors of the company is composed of former federal officials, including former members of Congress.

In a call on Thursday, Mr Kramer added: “We have been here for 22 years as a company.” Contract, “Be Destroyed and Strong”

Linn Shortly after the Trump administration awarded the contract to Asmergan in June 2020, a senior government official warned that the company lacked adequate staffing and quality control.

Copy of authority review Found by Times In Baltimore, he cited the “key risks” of urgency in controlling vaccine production in Johnson and Johnson and Astrarazineka.

Cross-contamination is a “known threat” when giving two vaccines using live viruses, but Mr Kramer on Thursday decided to produce both in Baltimore. There were layers of guards on the scene, although Emergent believed he “did not work as intended” and that the Stratzeneca virus may have infected Johnson and Johnson’s team.

“It is easy to reverse and rethink these decisions made in the early stages of the epidemic,” he said. At the time, no one knew how fast we would get to a clinically viable vaccine and which candidates would be the most successful. ”