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Victoria cites five new Covid cases including ‘more serious’ privacy confidential care cases | Victoria


The Morrison government continues to announce that the vaccine is not a “fast race” as Victoria health officials confirmed five common diseases – including one elderly caregiver – on the third day of Covid’s fourth state defense.

The change from Victoria Sunday morning picks up the majority of cases in the recent explosion of Melbourne, PA to 40.

Victoria’s Prime Minister James Merlino announced $ 250m in business on Sunday, saying he was “not disappointed” by the prime minister and federal treasurer’s refusal to provide workers with funding.

One of the new features was a health care provider in a nursing home west of Maidstone, according to him.

Colin Singh, chief of Arcare, said the employee received the first Covid vaccine, was wearing a mask and did not show any signs by finishing work at headquarters on Thursday.

Singh said “more residents” have also received the first vaccine.

“I want to assure you that, while we hope this will not happen, we are well prepared, and our disease control measures put us in a better position to deal with the epidemic,” he said. words on the Sabbath.

Arcare Maidstone can accommodate up to 90 people, according to its website. He was unaffected by Covid last year – compared to other Victorian sites – recording only seven cases.

Victoria’s Covid chief Jeroen Weimar on Sunday said the case in a nursing home was “worrying” because it was a confidential matter at the moment.

“I am concerned that we do not have a current location,” Weimar told reporters.

The Morrison government is under a lot of pressure in terms of immunization and the inability to confirm the importance of immunization.

On Sunday, deputy prime minister Michael McCormack and trade minister Dan Tehan declined to use the word “competition” to describe the vaccine.

McCormack told Sky News: “It’s not a race, it has to be fair, it has to be set up in a way that Australians need to know they have to suck.”

“But we can’t have anyone going to pick it up right away and that’s why there’s been a part,” he said.

On ABC, Tehan said “you don’t describe the vaccine as a competition”.

“People Melbourne, PA The Cup is a competition, the Stawell Prize is a competition – we are trying to get as many people as possible to get vaccinated as quickly as possible, “he said.

Tehan was also devastated Sunday morning when asked what help he had Victoria staff was affected by the end of the full week now the Commonwealth had withdrawn its operating costs.

Asked about the assistance that could be provided to civilian workers who are unable to work, the minister explained the emergency payment to people who have been infected with the coronavirus or close associates.

Commenting on the requirements, Tehan said people can “go to Centrelink” because people “can” qualify for emergency funding.

The Morrison government arrived here he refused to provide any further assistance to Victoria staff but Tehan Sunday also said this could change. “Obviously we will continue to negotiate with the Victoria government and continue to monitor the situation,” she said.

McCormack said he expected Victoria’s detention to be completed within seven days but this was a matter for the federal government and health officials.

The Deputy Prime Minister went on to say that Australians have the opportunity to live in a country with a low incidence of diseases. After being told that Australia is lagging behind similar countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, in the fight against vaccination, McCormack said Greens leader Adam Bandt had said the same in parliament last week.

McCormack declared as Bandt “he thinks America is the best he should go to be there and we will all be fine”.

The Deputy Prime Minister also warned Australians that the epidemic has taken a long time. Using a football analogy, McCormack said he doubted the country was on the verge of a crisis.

Victoria filed five cases on Saturday, of which four were linked by a food distributor.

Vaccines and trial results reported on Sunday were lower than those reported on Saturday when 21,626 vaccines were delivered and 56,624 trial results were received.

Victoria Department of Health confirmed late Saturday was testing an online vaccine storage system that he hopes to launch soon.

The state health director, Prof Brett Sutton, said last week that Victoria has 30,000 daily supervision capabilities.

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