Victoria Covid vaccine mandate enters into force

About one million Victorians need to be either fully vaccinated or have a waiver if they want to continue working from Friday.

Strict vaccination rules that came into force overnight require that an estimated one million Victorians are fully vaccinated if they want to continue working.

As of Friday, selected workers across the state needed to prove that they had been completely vaccinated against Covid-19 or that they had obtained a legitimate certificate that exempted them from it.

A wide range of industries now require all employees, including contractors, volunteers and trainees, to be double-dosed if they have to leave their homes to work.

Employees in schools, childcare and preschool services will from Monday have to show their vaccination certificates, while in healthcare they will have to do the same from 15 December.

Workers or volunteers under 12 years and two months do not need to be vaccinated.

Across Victoria, 90.2 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, while 93.2 percent have received a dose.

The health department announced on Thursday that they would abolish domestic travel restrictions that require incoming travelers to be fully vaccinated before entering.

Anyone entering Victoria from anywhere in Australia from 6pm on Thursday could do so without first obtaining a travel permit, including international arrivals who complete their quarantine in another state.

“The new public health directives will enter into force when Victoria reaches 90 percent double-dose vaccination – it will abolish the traffic light border system and all domestic border permits, regardless of vaccination status,” the health department tweeted.

Who needs to be vaccinated from today

Employees in 35 industries will be affected by the new rules, including those working in housing, agriculture and forestry, airports, ancillary services and support and welfare.

Authorized officials, health care workers, community workers, creative arts workers, guardians, rescue workers, and entertainment and function workers must also be cut.

As well as funeral workers, college workers, justice service center workers and honorary judges, wedding celebrants, manufacturing workers and meat and shellfish workers.

People in media and film production, mining, physical recreation, ports and shipping, professional sports and high-performing sports or racing also need to be vaccinated.

Professional service workers, civil servants, real estate workers, religious workers, repair and maintenance workers, retail and hospitality workers, science and technology workers, and social and community workers must also follow the new rules.

In addition, transport workers, public and city workers, veterinary and animal / animal care workers, workers in elderly care facilities and workers on construction sites will need to be double-treated from Friday.

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