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Victoria reports five new local Covid cases including “very worrying” case in elderly care mystery | Victoria


The Morrison administration continues to say vaccination is “non-competitive,” even if Victorian health officials confirmed five new local infections – including one in geriatric care – on the third day of the state’s fourth Covidian lockout.

The Victoria Update on Sunday morning shows the total number of recent outbreaks based on it Melbourne Up to 40

Victoria’s caretaker Prime Minister James Merlino on Sunday announced a $ 250 million job support package, saying he was “very disappointed” that the prime minister and the federal treasurer had refused to help workers with funding.

According to a statement issued by the center, one of the new positives was a health care provider at a nursing home in the western suburbs of Midstone.

Arcare CEO Colin Singh said the worker received the first dose of the Covid vaccine, wore a mask and showed no symptoms when he last worked at the center on Thursday.

“A significant number of our residents have also received the first dose of the vaccine,” Singh said.

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According to its website, Arcare Maidstone has a capacity of 90 people. Covid was relatively intact last year – compared to other Victoria facilities – recording just seven.

Victoria Quyd Commander Jervin Weimar said Sunday that the case at the nursing home is “very worrying” because it is a mysterious case.

“I’m worried that we do not have a major source of purchases at this time,” Weimar told reporters.

The Morrison administration is under increasing pressure over the slow pace of vaccination and the lack of emphasis on the need for vaccination.

On Sunday, both Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and Federal Trade Minister Dan Tahan resisted using the term “race” to describe the spread of the vaccine.

“Well, this is not a race, it has to be systematic, it has to be held in a way that Australians obviously need to know they have to get on their hips,” McCormack told Sky News.

“But we can’t all go and get it at the same time, and that’s why there was a staged system,” he said.

“You do not describe the use of the vaccine as a contest,” Tahan told ABC.

Melbourne “The cup is a match, Stowell’s gift is a match – we are trying to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” he said.

Tahan also hesitated on Sunday morning when asked what support he should use Victorian workers were impressed With a one-week hiatus, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) had withdrawn its subsidy.

In response to what assistance is being provided to ordinary employees who are unable to work this year, the minister referred to emergency payments for people infected with the coronavirus or their close contact.

Tahan was challenged about eligibility, then Tahan said people could “go to Centrelink” because people “might” be eligible for emergency payments.

The Morrison administration has done so Resisted additional support For Victorian workers, however, Tehan suggested on Sunday that this could change. “Obviously we will continue to talk to the Victorian government and monitor the situation,” he said.

McCormack said he hoped the Victoria lock would end in seven days, but that ultimately rests with the state government and health officials.

The Deputy Prime Minister continued to insist that Australians were lucky to live in a country with low pollution rates. When it was pointed out that Australia lags behind similar countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, in terms of speed of vaccination, McCormack noted that Adam Bond, the leader of the Greens, presented a similar theory in parliament last week.

McCormack said if the band “thinks America is great, they should go and live there and we will all be better off.”

The Deputy Prime Minister also warned Australians that the epidemic was long overdue. Using a football analogy, McCormack said he doubted whether the country was in crisis.

Victoria recorded five local cases on Saturday, four involving a food delivery driver.

The number of vaccinations and test results reported on Sunday was lower than the records reported on Saturday, when 21,626 doses of vaccine were administered and 56,624 test results were received.

Victoria Health Department Confirmed late Saturday The company was testing an online vaccination booking system that is expected to be launched soon.

Professor Brett Sutton, the state’s chief health officer, said last week that Victoria has the ability to prescribe about 30,000 doses a day.

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