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Video of Simon Meredith jumping a hawk as St Kilda Saints beat a kangaroo north of Melbourne on the Aboriginal Tour


Longtime AFL referee Simon Meredith decisively tackled what appeared to be a feral hawk During St Kilda’s victory over North Melbourne But he kept his feet and worked hard.

St Kilda defender Jimmy Webster recovered the soccer ball in the central square during the fourth quarter and attempted to send the ball home 50, but he hit the kick and hit Meredith’s head.

“The referee was taped to the head!” Fox Footy commentator Anthony Hudson said.

The great hawthorn stunned Jason Dunstahl.

He said, “Polyxing from footy.”

“He’s awake though,” former Melbourne captain Gary Lyon added.

Dunstal said: “You did well to keep his feet, the judgment. It’s tough.”

While playing didn’t stop for Meredith to receive medical care, a North Melbourne doctor ran to check on his safety.

St Kilda won the match by 20 points, 12.16 (88) to 10.8 (68), marking his first victory since beating Gold Coast in the eighth round.

Coach Brett Ratten was desperate for his forces to respond to him He hit 111 points last week at the hands of Western Bulldogs – That’s what they did.

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