Videos Release Audio of 911 Attempted Murder Suspect Kevin Johnston Deadly Shot by Fremont Police – CBS San Francisco

FREMONT (CBS SF) — Investigators broadcast audio of a frantic 911 call and body camera video of Fremont police shooting attempted murder suspect Kevin Johnston on Thursday, August 25.

Sean Washington, acting Fremont Police Chief, told reporters that he “made sure that officers were acting in accordance with the law…

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Officer Jesse Hartman, a nine-year veteran in the department, said he only opened fire after Johnston made a motion with a gun at the officer.

“Officer Hartman described himself as a police officer,” Washington said. “Suspect dropped a stroller [he was holding]He picked up a white T-shirt from the armchair and held it up at Officer Hartman, who looked like he was shooting. The suspect acted as if he was shooting Officer Hartman with a pistol.”

“The suspect suddenly jumped into the stroller and lay back on the seat. The suspect appeared with an object in his hand and pointed it at Officer Hartman. Officer Hartman realized that the object the suspect had found was a pistol. He pointed the trigger at Officer Hartman as if he were pulling it.”

Hartman responded by firing multiple laps, mortally injuring the suspect.

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Meanwhile, the victim of the attempted murder was hospitalized in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.

This was the fourth officer murder involving Fremont police in 2021. Three of them were fatal.

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“This is another unfortunate reality of gun violence in our community,” Washington said. “Our officers answered the call and responded to protect our community from harm to an extremely dangerous person. I am sure Mr Johnston has a family that takes care of him and for that I offer my condolences.”

At the time of Johnston’s death, he had an active $545,000 felony warrant for a number of crimes, including car theft, possession of heavy weapons, and avoidance of arrest.

Washington said that if he had survived, his department would have looked into attempted murder charges involving the actual victim, as well as officer Hartman.

The event began at approximately 17:19 on August 25. Officers responded to a 911 call regarding a shooting at Southlake Mobile Home Park, located at 4343 Auto Mall Parkway.

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The woman told the caller that someone had been shot in the head. Officers arrived on the scene and found a victim on Winnipeg Terrace. They immediately began giving trauma treatment to the victim, who was taken to the hospital.

About 45 minutes later, an officer identified and attempted to stop a man who matched the description of the suspect who had previously fired, near the intersection of Auto Mall Parkway and Southlake Common.

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During the interaction, an armed attack involving the officer took place. Johnston was pronounced dead at the scene.


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