Viewers confused by ‘epic’ change to opening titles

Do I Have Any News For You? Viewers were divided over a major change to be made in the series with the start of the new series.

The new series, which started on Friday night, October 8, with comedian Stephen Mangan, was the guest host of the first show, with Paul Merton and Ian Hislop returning as team leaders.

They were joined by comedians Ria Lina and Ross Noble. BBC show that has been going on for over twenty years.

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But viewers were distracted by the show’s “epic” title sequence, which featured clips of Michael Gove dancing and his and Prime Minister Boris Johnson in trippy psychedelic backdrops.

Many were excited by the change to the show’s opening, saying it was “the best thing Beeb has done in nearly 35 years.”

But others said it should come with a caveat and were confused when asked if they would return every week for the new series.

Mabe said: “Opening credits for #HIGNFY – the laughter rises here! #GoveRaving #LevellingUp”

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Simon Hartland agrees: “The opening for #hignfy was great”

Greg Robson wrote: “Best opening ever to #HIGNFY!”

Shocked, Dave Nevett wrote, “Oh my God #HIGNFY this is the opening!”

“The opening sequence of #HIGNFY was legendary tonight,” said Julie Norton.

And James Shelton added: “This entry was the best thing Beeb has done in nearly 35 years #Hignfy”

But the others were confused.

Alastair Warwick said: “Not sure about new entry #HIGNFY”

fatreg asked: “What’s wrong with the new title sequence? #HIGNFY”

Peter Shulf added: “As much as I love the disco rave version of my favorite TV tunes, I hope it’s used as a one-off, otherwise there will be a sharp divide among fans of the show… The original is not broken on the theme, so don’t try to retune it.”

David Burns, “Please tell me these names are just a joke and we don’t have to witness the Gove dance every week!” said.

H ave I Got News For You returns to BBC One next Friday at 9 PM.


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