May 7, 2021


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Vikings selections on the third day

He picked Minnesota Vikings (so far) six times on the third day of his NFL Draft. Unlike any jokes made during the past two months, they have no options from the seventh round, either, after trading again in the sixth round at number 199. Here is a quick analysis of each day of three possibilities and what they might have brought Vikes.

No. 119, Ken Nwangwu-RB-UNC

This is a little higher than Nwangwu was expected to go. He’s only loaded 144 times in Iowa, but the Vikings are clearly betting on the explosive playmaking industry in the second leg. Special Vikings squads were really bad in 2020, and this is a clear attempt to improve. In his four-year college career, Nwangwu repeated 92 kicks and took one home. For this reason, it stands to reason that Vikings value him higher than others.

125, Camryn Bynum-CB-California

Mike Zimmer is happy. Vikings hold their 1st (and only) defensive back at 125, and Camryn Bynum can bring high potential with him. If his 2020 season had been more impressive, he would likely have gone much sooner than this. From 2017-19 he had 26 passing defenses. Minnesota won’t ask him to do much with the core they already have, but he’ll definitely see some actors in the spin. Bynum thrived as a footballer at Cal and making play for him made him an intriguing choice.

No. 134, Janarius Robinson-DE-Florida State

Doubling down on the Vikings for contestants shouldn’t be a big surprise. They would likely use a rotation system at the defensive end opposite Daniel Hunter, and Janarius Robinson should see actors in this rotation. Robinson has many traits that should translate into a great player, but he hadn’t been able to put it all together up until this point. However, very few have succeeded under the current Florida system.

Number 157, Ihmir Smith-Marsette-WR-Iowa

Emyr Smith-Marcet’s speed could make him a great place in the hatch along with Justin Jefferson and Adam Tillin. However, Smith-Marsette also brings decent size at 6’1, so they can mix their sets by putting it outside and Jefferson in the hole. If the choice proves successful, Minnesota could also have a long-term successor to Telen depending on what happens with the status of his contract.

No. 168, Zach Davidson – TE – Central Missouri

The obvious reason for this choice is that Vikings can use a mathematical blocker away from the narrow end position. Zach Davidson brings just that. However, the story people have to watch is that Davidson brings one of the strangest and varied skills on the soccer field. Besides being a narrow ending, he was a relatively successful gambler of Central Missouri.

No. 199, Jaylen Twyman-DT-Pittsburgh

For its value, this may actually be one of the best picks for an entire draft. Jaylen Twyman got second-round predictions with tons of spoilers, and even first-round picks in a couple. Sure, he would have taken it in that range had he not come out of the 2020 season. In 2019, he had 10.5 bags and 12 TFL. It is an absolute threat from 3T, and the Vikings will definitely find a place for it.