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There’s a new management company under the leadership of an ATL rapper and a Generation Z entrepreneur /publicist.

Rapper Coca Vango in the Sir Julien George are announcing Viral Management Group , ATL’s first Black Gen-Z-led management company that connects a well-connected group of young adult specialists in the entertainment and corporate industries. The idea was first triggered by Julien, who founded the Viral PR Group in spring 2018 and developed it into a management company.

Now the management group includes his business partner Vango known not only for rap and his single “Sauce On Me”, but for his relationship with colleagues Lightskin Keisha.

A press release states that Viral Management is a “full service branding, public relations, marketing, and brand management firm.” Based in Atlanta and Los Angeles, it represents dozens of artists “coming from all different backgrounds and each with their own unique sound and brand.”

The management team also expands on musical artists and represents other entertainment industry clients including television and theater actors as well as models under the umbrella “Viral Vixens”. Viral Management sets a goal to “limit label restrictions” and Sir Julien and Coca Vango say their work with Swizz Beatz, Trippie Redd, Dess Dior, and Skye Morales is fully prepared for Viral Management Group’s success to do.

Nothing less than fate brought these two business partners together. The couple was originally not planning to work together, but joined in an unrelated business meeting in Atlanta. Coca was attracted to Sir Julien’s intellect and vast knowledge of the industry at such a young age.

Sir Julien and Coca have put together a fully interconnected team of photographers, writers, consultants and more, all working to give each and every client exactly what they want.

Hailing from the Viral Management Group, the couple recently started a new branch of their group called Viral Vixens. Viral Vixens specializes in outsourcing high-end models.

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