Virgin goes big on points offer

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For Monday and Tuesday only, every economy seat on each domestic flight can be used to redeem points for travel from December 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Velocity CEO Nick Rohrlach said the move means that the de facto 5 million “award seats” have increased. Up to 7800 points to grab. “Velocity members will be able to choose their preferred flight, and any economy seat that can be purchased with cash can also be used as a reward seat using points, and there will be no cut-off dates, even for the night before Christmas,” he said. Mr Rohrlach. “We’re putting the power back into the hands of Velocity members to use their points in their own way. If they want to get on the plane, they can choose the most suitable flight for them. If they don’t have enough points for their reward, they can buy points at a 20 percent discount.” The move highlighted fierce competition between airlines as domestic travel capacity increases as we enter the summer holiday season. Qantas and Virgin Australia plan to get all their staff on their feet with a packed domestic flight schedule from 1 December. Qantas’ frequent flyers have also recently increased the number of reward seats available for reimbursement and launched a new “status matching” program to attract the most loyal customers of other airlines. With 14 million members, Qantas frequent flyers dominated Velocity with just over 10 million members. However, loyalty was paramount with airline partners who were unwilling to buy points to hand out to customers if they were not deemed valuable. Mr Rohrlach said Virgin is an airline that “does things differently” and the latest offer is a great example of that. “We are reinventing what it means to be a Velocity member and how easy it is to redeem points,” he said. “We’re also extremely focused on bringing more value to our members, whether through our long list of daily earnings. partners or some of the lower priced redemption seats than any other Australian carrier.” A one-way flight from Sydney to Gold Coast required 7800 points, while Melbourne to Gold Coast required 11800 points. Routes such as Melbourne-Perth and Perth-Sydney were among the most “costly” routes at 17,800 points. Mr Rohrlach said that in the past two weeks, the Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane triangle has received the most attention from Velocity members seeking award seats, with more than 100 million points redeemed on these routes. “With Cairns and Gold Coast flights being more popular for point bookings than before Covid, it’s also clear that members are using points for beach vacations.” “Unsurprisingly, services between Perth and Broome are more popular than ever for points redemption reservations, which is consistent with current Western Australian border restrictions.”

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