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Did you know that the Elyves Presley Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee is the most visited house in the United States next to the White House?

The difference, of course, is that you can enter Elvis’ home on a home visit without taking as many guards or as many reporters as you want.

Really to Hajj Graceland You’ll find a bucket list of rock and roll fans, the screams of the 1960s and ’70s (now grandmothers) and the spectacular costumes walking around Priscilla Palace. Browse the burger bar or the popular car park on the burger bar across the street.

The new in 2019 Graceland Guest House The hotel, like the Elvis Presley house, opened with rooms on the right. Read on to see what they look like!

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Grassland Tour Buses
Tour buses that take fans to Graceland

During my five-year visit, I visited Elvis Presley’s home twice. For the first time, we were on what we called Music road trip From Nashville to Memphis, I ended up in New Orleans with my parents.

For the second time, I brought nine small visits to New Orleans (found) Great music venues in NOLA And eat all the food) and then we visited Elvis Memphis!

August is the second week of each year Elvis Week, On August 16, he commemorated the death of Elvis Priscilla. In 2020, this was seen as a virtual reality for fans by purchasing tickets online to release music and interviews, including new releases that have not been released before.

But in the usual (non-Cov!) Year, Elvis Week draws fans and Elvis Presley artists to a big gathering. So make a note in August if you want to join!

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Elvis Week in Grassland
This is what you see at Elvis Week!

When did Elvis buy Grassland?

In March 1957, Ervis Presley bought Gresland for just over $ 102,500. The house was formerly part of a 500-hectare farm and was named after its former owner, Dr. Thomas Moore Aunt Grace.

Elvis bought the house and 13.8 hectares. In fact, the $ 1,000 deposit was made by his parents (Gladys and Vernon) and they were first and foremost grandparents. Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn Linn 1957 When they went to shape Elvis’ Jail House Rock. He did not come here for the first night until next month.

Across the street from Presley Palace is a shopping mall where you can buy tickets and take buses across the street to the compound.

Grassland Castle sits on a small hill behind the trees on the front porch leading down to the famous gates. Some people are really amazed at how small the house looks – maybe it has been mixed up for years!

Elivis Graysland bought it in March 1957, and two months later, before moving his parents to Gladys and Vernon, he built the magnificent music gates as part of a general renovation.

Grassland Doors

The only way to get through Grassland doors is to buy tickets (Online or in person) Take a guided tour of the headset and take the bus across the street from what I call “elevis-vi”. Really for the crazy, hard-core Elvis Presley fans out there!

You should also allow an hour or two after your visit or later to eat at a dinner inspired by the 1960s, check out the King’s cars, planes, gift shops and read all the items.

New attractions have been added for 2020 to take “selfies” with the king and email you. It is packed with souvenirs and other exhibitions, but the pictures below are the ones you see in Elvis House.


Perek to Grassland

The rooms in Grassland are locked and shocked and no one is allowed in except the family. Employees are not allowed here, including the Elvis bedroom (and the bathroom where he died) and the small Lisa Marie room.

But there is great news for true Elvis Presley fans – The Guest House in Grassland, A new hotel with 450 rooms, bedrooms, cafes and a lobby with new rooms adorned with greenery for Grassland Design. Scroll down to see the hotel pictures too!

Think of the feasts in these rooms…

Graceland White Lounge
The white lounge behind Grisland with the Elvis great piano.
Grassland Dining Room
Elvis dining room in Elsland
Grassland Staircase
Exceeds Prohibited Walk
... and look at the lift, thinking of what is hidden there
… And look at the lift, thinking of what is hidden there

They went through the kitchen when someone told me that Elvis had the first microwave in the country (in any case) in the 70’s, $ 1,000 was back.

Grassland Kitchen
Elvis Parents' Bedroom
Elvis’ parents Vernon and Gladys had this basement
Buy Lucy Lu

You are ready Forest section?

Turn left and walk into the kitchen corridor where you will find the most beautiful room in the whole house – or it may not be. Check out the swimming pool too!

The floor and walls of the forest are covered with a pile of green molds, carved wooden carvings, and stuffed animals are placed on oversized furniture. Oh if the walls can talk!

Forest section Shag pile carpet
The forest chamber is even on the walls!
Grassland Forest Room

But wait! Here you go Swimming room, So you can decide which part is more fun. Look at the fabric walls and ceilings.

Grassland Pool Room

After we finished walking around the house with our headphones on, we were told that we had arrived outside the house.

Here Elvis had his office, a private shooting range and an indoor soccer field, where he played the piano the morning before he went to the bathroom. This section housed the huge platinum archives that were later transferred to their own galleries.

Grassland piano section
The former running ball room
Elvis Presley Racket Ball Division
The football field is now a temple with glass handles and floor-to-ceiling and gold and platinum awards.
Tomb of Elvis Presley

Presley’s tombs

At the end of the visit, they come to Elvis Cemetery, where his parents and grandparents slept. Gifts are received daily by fans and staff, and everyone is here to stay with the king.

The eternal flame burned, and the statue of Jesus, which was given to his friends Elvis and stood in the garden, stood at his feet.

Elvis Presley was a twin, but his brother Jesse died on January 8, 1935, in Tupillo, Mississippi. He made a note for his older brother, which he never knew (in a few minutes), to sit next to his parents in the Gresland Memorial.

Jesse Presley Memorial

Without shopping, it would not be a tourist attraction! The way you get your tickets to Exxon Preley is a rock-n-roll roll!

Elvis Presley and I
I met my new friends across the street in many shops and exhibitions. They are on a honeymoon. Guess what it will do for a living….
Elvis Presley costumes
You can buy a similar Elvis dress for $ 3,500 for the winter

Tour Elvis Aircraft

Lisa Marie was named after her daughter, who was taken to hospitals as a little girl. They flew to see the snow once and touched them for only an hour!

The Conveyor CV880 is named after Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie Plane
In this former Delta airplane, Elvis is wearing Velvet gold-plated ties. Today, everything is covered with plastic wrap.
Elvis Presley Plane Bed
It has a bedroom with big bulb TVs, a dining table and this is the king’s bed.
Priscilla Presley Mercedes
This is a Priscilla donated by Mercedes Elvis to a museum set up for cars just across Presland.

Check out the Grassland Guest Hotel!

This 450-room hotel has a pool, a 1,000-room ballroom, a conference hall and a theater just a few steps from Presland. As you can see below, the rooms are an unusual attraction for Elvis Presley’s 70s design. Beauty.

Graceland Guest House
Grassland Guest Forest Room
Inspired lobby in the forest section
Grassland Guest House Level
Like the Grassland staircase to the private upper floors
Grassland Guest Bedroom
Not that we know what Elvis’ private bedroom looks like, but this room is probably waiting!
Grassland Guest Salon
This is where you can stay in one of the Grassland guest houses. The love that inspired the 70s!
Grassland Guest House
King Suite at Garesland Guest House

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Doing other things in Memphis

We all know that King King loves to eat – and the Memphis BBC is very important because you can bite them. I really like it Central BB.

A visit to Lorraine Motel and the Museum of Civil Rights History Another Memphis must be made. He is much older than Martin Luther King, Jr., but until the MLK massacre, he had an interesting understanding of the slave trade and the history of Rosa Parks.

Lorraine Motel Memphis
Lorraine Motel is now part of the Museum of Civil Rights

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