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Vladimir Putin is looking to test the EU’s responses to the border crisis between Belarus and Poland, according to a leading Polish academic. Professor Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski has warned that Russia’s leaders are looking for “weak points” to exploit Europe and NATO. It comes as Belarus and Poland clash over the actions of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who have been blamed for forcing groups of migrants to the Polish border.

Professor Butterwick-Pawlikowski told GB News: “I’m not sure that Lukashenko is a complete puppet of Putin.

“He has always had his own ax to sharpen, he has always sought some room for maneuver.

“But the EU’s current sanctions against NATO’s current border unit have really made him more dependent on Putin and Putin really wants to test the EU’s response.

“He wants to test NATO’s response and once he finds a weak point, he will keep pushing until he can take advantage of it.”

It comes when AFP News editor Dave Clark told France 24 that Brussels has “shot itself in the foot” for failing to approve a common border policy that would have seen member states coordinate a plan to receive migrants.

He warned about it Belarus and Russia was now looking to take advantage of the lack of European unity.

Mr Clark said to France 24:It is good that the European Union is standing up now, and they only have themselves to blame if that is the crisis they have ended up in.

“We know who Lukashenko is, we know who Vladimir Putin is and yet somehow we have only deepened our dependence on natural gas coming from Russia, part of it via Belarus, and we have failed for a decade now to develop any common border policy, common border policy that could absorb only 2,000 Iraqi Kurds or so in the forests of eastern Poland.

“You know, they could all be absorbed tomorrow quite easily, but for several years the European Union has just pushed itself into the foot of border policy, and our enemies and let’s be clear with this Putin and Lukashenko’s opponents of the EU’s NATO The transatlantic alliance and solidarity in the rest of europe, the enemies have discovered our weaknesses.

“Which we have only deepened over the years, our inability to deal with migrants and to create a humane and shared system to deal with them and our growing dependence on natural gas supplies from Russia that will clearly be used as a political tool against us.”

On Friday, a German news outlet reported that Polish troops had resorted to “strange” tactics in the fight to remove migrants from the EU’s easternmost border.

DW News Brussels correspondent Jack Parrock has recalled being surrounded by Polish soldiers and closing the exclusion zone near the Polish-Berlin border.

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He described the troops surrounding his camera crew’s cars and the migrant activists the reporter was traveling with.

Mr Parrock told DW News: “The information is very difficult to access.

“I’ll just give you a brief example of what happened to our film team this evening. We were called by a group of activists who go out into the woods when they are called by refugees and migrants for emergency assistance.

“They told us to meet at a point outside the emergency zone, we met them, and shortly after, due to the increased military presence here in the border region, our cars were surrounded by Polish soldiers. They did not actually talk to us,” he said. but it was enough to scare the activists that we should go to meet these people in the forest.