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VTA shooting: “Chief mechanic” in memory of Jose de Jesus Hernandez III


SAN JOS, Calif. (KRON) – Jose de Jesus Hernandez III, 35, is described by his family as a wonderful boy, brother, and friend – and a man who puts everything ahead of him.

His father, a retired VTA staffer, said his son had worked on projects with the gunman Sam Cassidi, but said he was unaware of any possible incidents with his son or other victims.

Jose de Hernandez III’s family says they were loving and beautiful and lived their lives in love.

They say he loved speed and loved to ride his motorcycle and boat.

He was a chief mechanic and even designed some equipment for the light rail of the Valley Transport Authority.

He worked for VTA for about nine years.

His ex-wife, Sarah Hernandez, says he has never quit his job and that he has a bright mind.

Sarah says she fell to her knees when she learned that Jose was one of nine people involved in a mass shooting at the VTA train station. She said that her heart was broken for him, his family, and everything he had never said.

The two met in 2005 and were married in 2009 and divorced only last summer.

She is absolutely nobody, but he is as close as he can be and even though they are not married, they love each other and the woman is the best husband she can ask for.

A kind person who loves all and pushes everyone to do better and better.

A.D. She said no one thought she would take her last breath on the day she received her job at VTA in 2012.

His family said he was great in everything he did, but he said he was great because they were wonderful children, brothers and friends, and they would love and miss him forever.

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