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‘VX Live’ Benefit Concert Promotes Post-Epidemic World Preview NPR


Jennifer Lopez and her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, performed at the SOF Stadium in Ingwood, California, during the “Vacation Live Concert Concert.”

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for International Citizen VAX LIVE

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Kevin Winter / Getty Images for International Citizen VAX LIVE

Jennifer Lopez and her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, performed at the SOF Stadium in Ingwood, California, during the “Vacation Live Concert Concert.”

Kevin Winter / Getty Images for International Citizen VAX LIVE

The Concert Benefit Concert in Saturday’s broadcast to address the latest hurdles to address the epidemic: Vaccine Injustice and Vaccine Unemployment.

At a time when global access to COVID-19 vaccines is becoming increasingly volatile, politicians, celebrities and musicians have appealed to Global Season’s “VX live-concert” concert to discourage world leaders from stockpiling vaccines.

The event – a pre-recorded event at the Sofid Stadium in England, California, in the presence of an audience of 27,000 fully vaccinated health care and vital staff – paints a picture of what it would be like to be vaccinated in the post-epidemic world. Coronavirus.

At the top of the show, Jennifer Lopez, the first of two night shows, took her mother to the stage during “Sweet Caroline.”

“We have been away from loved ones for a long time, but we are back,” says Lopez. It is getting better for us, but there are still people around the world, especially in Africa, India, and Latin America who need our help and vaccinations.

According to Hugh Evans, executive director of the Global Citizens’ Office for the Prevention of Poverty, “the momentum of the vaccine is at work.”

Both are well-vaccinated so you can hug your friends and family again. Those are the powerful things we do.

Prior to the broadcast, Global Season Campaign launched He received $ 302 million and more than 26 million COVID-19 vaccines.

The money will be used for vaccination, testing and personal protective equipment COVAX initiative. The effort, led by the World Health Organization, Gavi and other partners, aims to distribute vaccines and supplies evenly throughout the world.

Evans said in a deal with the Vaccination Alliance and Gavi that all vaccines promised this year will reach low-income countries by the end of this year.

Prince Harry, who co-hosted the event with his wife, Megan Markle, took the stage to thank the front staff.

“We cannot rest or really recover until there is a fair distribution to all corners of the globe,” said the Duke of Sussex. The virus does not respect boundaries and access to the vaccine cannot be determined geographically.

We need to look beyond ourselves to compassion and empathy for those we know and do not know.

The United States and other rich countries have more than the people they want, but the poor have got it Less than 1% International supply.

India a Heavy second wave And justice 2% of the population It is fully vaccinated. And two dozen countries are less than a third of the world’s vaccines due to lack of confidence in the risks and lack of international support to cover the supply of vaccines.

The event also featured video messages from Pope Francis, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris.

His Holiness called for a “spirit of justice that inspires us to ensure real and universal access to vaccines” and a “spirit of unity that enables us to create a unique, just and sustainable unique economic model.”

“We can’t stop now,” said President Biden, who urged people to get the vaccine. The vaccines are safe, I promise you, they are safe. They work.

Oprah Winfrey unleashed the logistical science of vaccination and planned release through public health professionals in a malicious clip.

Megan Markle said: “Women all over the world, especially women of color, have been exposed to extreme poverty as a result of the epidemic.

Selena Gómez, who hosted a special concert, sent an urgent appeal to the audience.

If you’re on the fence about immunizations, I don’t think you need to protect yourself, I’m not going to teach you, I beg you. Please get vaccinated – for your family, your neighbors and everyone who comes in contact with you, ”the singer said.

Also appearing on the stage were Chris Teygen, David Letterman, Ben Afleck, Jimmy Kimmel, Sinn Penn, and Olivia Moon.

Musical acts with Fu fighters – with strangers from AC / DC Brian Johnson – with Eddie Veder, J. Balvin and HR

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