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‘War is changing’: Indian navy chief calls for ‘joint’ in defense amid China ” threat ”


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Over the past year, India’s relations with one of its immediate neighbors, China, have deteriorated dramatically due to border crossings along the actual control line. Last June, the dispute escalated into a deadly violent clash between forces between the two countries.

Highlight change The nature of warIndian Navy Chief Admiral Carambir Singh has called for a “joint” between the country’s three defense forces.

“The nature of war is changing, and the conflict is important for all enemies in all areas, such as land, sea, air, space and cyberspace,” he told the National Defense Academy after reviewing the parade. “Between these three services is much more important than ever.”

He added that the Armed Forces is witnessing significant defense reforms with the establishment of the Military Affairs Department, the Office of the Chief of Defense Staff, and soon the Theater Command.

India faces a double threat from Pakistan and China, not only along its land borders but also at sea. India is expanding its military base in Mauritius to establish a foothold in the Indian Ocean region to counter the alleged threats. Last year, Delhi Expressed concern About Beijing’s actions in the disputed territory of the South China Sea.

At the East Asia Summit, Minister of Foreign Affairs of India Without elaborating on China, S Jaishankar said, “The events in the South China Sea do not erode ongoing negotiations on the proposed Charter of Conduct to undermine the legitimate interests of third parties and must be fully complied with by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).” ) “.

China urges members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to speed up negotiations on the South China Sea Code of Conduct. This code of conduct is to regulate activities in disputed waters, where China is being pushed back by Vietnam and the Philippines.

India has a fleet of 140 warships and more than 200 aircraft, while China, according to one Pentagon report“It has the largest navy in the world, with a total of approximately 350 ships and submarines, including more than 130 major surface fighters.”

Last year, a major clash between Indian and Chinese forces took place in the Galvan Valley east of Ladakh, leading to the worst tensions since the 1962 war. The clash resulted in deaths and injuries on both sides. Since then, limited progress has been made in detaching the Pangong Tso Lake grounds.

The two sides have held eleven rounds of military talks to ensure decompression and de-escalation at friction points.

The head of the Indian Army, M.M. Narawana, stated that the army now has all the important areas in the high-altitude area and has enough troops in the form of “reserves” to respond to possible conditions.

“We are quite clear that no de-escalation will take place before disarmament in all areas of friction. India and China have signed a number of border agreements unilaterally by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA),” he said. “It has been violated.”


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