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Was the RHOSLC Cast Involved in a Physical Transformation? Lisa Barlow Speaks


Lisa Barlow speaking between allegations of physical altercation between him and Zain Shah |.

between filming on the next second season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Lisa took to her Instagram page, where she responded to a fanpage that suggested she and Jen had a physical relationship with each other during production.

“Yes, you heard that right! One [alleged] physical altercation [between] Lisa Barlow and Jen Shah are in season [two]”, alleged the fanpage, as per the screenshot shared by real housewives of slc On Twitter.

“Not true,” replied Lisa with a red heart emoji.

RHOSLC Lisa Barlow denies physical altercation with Jen Shah

When fans last saw Lisa and Jen RHOSLC reunion for season oneLisa was Jane’s Defensive, choosing to stand up against other women and insist that he is loyal.

Then, months later, Jane was seen walking rant against his co-stars, Including heather gayhandjob Whitney Rose, and Meredith Marks, when she noted that Lisa was the only non “fake white girl” on the show.

“Hey blonde girls…. stop doing white girl sh*t and STFU and sit next to your best friends Karen and Becky in the back row,” Jen began in the social media exchange leaked on Instagram. “They’re fake – white girls. Lisa [Barlow] is the only other person I can f*ck with.”

Also this year, Lisa talked a lot about jane, which has since been accused of money laundering and fraud against elderly victims during an appearance on behind the velvet rope podcast, saying that her co-star is “100 percent authentic.”

“Jane Shah is exactly the same person as she is on camera. When I talk to Jen on the phone and when I see Jen in person, she’s the same person. I forget that cameras are around. Jen is like a very extreme version of me; she’s 100 percent authentic. I mean, I love her,” she said.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two Will air on Bravo sometime later this year.

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