May 9, 2021


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Watch: ‘Allergy to Originality’ animated short doc Drew Christie

Watch: ‘Allergy to Originality’ animated short doc Drew Christie

By Alex Billington
May 1, 2021
Source: YouTube

“Has Hollywood created an allergy to originality?” A good question! It was made in 2012 and had its first premiere in 2014, but it is still as relevant as nine years later. Allergy to the original A fun animated short film about a conversation between two people in a movie theater. It’s about originality, or really, it’s a Defense Without mentioning the truth of the lack of originality, every idea or thought is different / the origin of someone’s thought. This short was made in 2012, and features some of the biggest movies of the Marquee Summer: Black men 3, Madagascar d, Prometheus, Dark shadows, Vengeful person, And Snow white (And predators). Featuring its voice Ian Pico And Spencer Thun. I don’t totally agree with all the points made in it, but it’s interesting to consider. And there’s also a good follow-up interview with the filmmakers Drew Christie Briefly at Sundance below. Enjoy

Thanks Open culture For the tip on this short (and for digging it again years later). Overview YouTube: “In this animated op-doc by Drew Christie, two people discuss whether anything is really real – especially in movies and books.” Allergy to the original The screenwriter wrote, directed and animated Drew Christie – Based in Washington State. You can see more of his work In Vimeo. He is also the co-founder of Kalakala Animation Their official website For more of their work. (He recently gave some animations for the Halu Doc series Sasquatch.) Featuring the music of Spencer Thun. Produced by NY Times and Jason Spingaran-Coff. It originally premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and played in a few other fests, including the Disposable Film Festival 2014 where it won an honorable mention. For more information about the brief, see Open culture Or YouTube. To see more short films, click here. Your thoughts?

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