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Watch: Fan-Made Action Short ‘Five’ – A ‘Tenet’ Inspired Short Film


Watch: Fan-Made Action Short ‘Five’ – A ‘Tenet’ Inspired Short Film

By alex billington
1 June 2021
Source: youtube

“I knew you’d come back.” Uh hell yeah this is awesome! Even Christopher Nolan would be impressed. five is an action short film made completely independently by an actor/filmmaker Stephen Ford, with the goal of capturing “both the spirit and style of Christopher Nolan” theoryWith a budget of only $300. we’ve seen a lot star wars and Batman fan movies years, but this is the first time inspired theory So far (from what I found out). And it’s great! starring have fun, Brennan Mejia, Casey Landolo, jb tadena, Colton Escheef Maestro, Romeo Armando, and “Cerberusarms“. It’s barely five minutes long and the action is solid and entertaining, the way they play with the forward/backward timing gimmick is also impressive (especially without any budget).” that masks are good too. theory-Inspired short down.

Thanks to reddit for the tip on this. details from youtube: “We filmed it in one night for a short film contest that we didn’t super win but I wanted to capture both the spirit and style of Christopher Nolan theory, combining it with a film concept I’ve been working on for years — everything is made on the budget of a pair of shoes. Hope you dig it.” five Written and directed by actor/filmmaker Stephen Ford – you can follow him on twitter or on Instagram for more information. He runs a production company named Asender. As well as editing, VFX, cinematography and costumes by Stephen Ford. Produced by Jennifer McDonnell, Daniel “Dee” Kim, Jeremy Scott, Stephen Ford. Filmed with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, shot with the Samyang VDSLR MKII, cropped on Alienware. For more information visit youtube. For more shorts, Click here. your thoughts?

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