May 9, 2021


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Watch Jayson Tatum drop 60 points in a 32-point comeback at Tottenham Hotspur

Boston Celtics star Jason Tatum played like a possessed man, losing 60 points to lead one of the biggest comebacks in NBA history against Tottenham.

Jason Tatum has delivered a Boston CelticsRecord the century’s performance on Friday night.

Striker Larry Bird scored the most points in a single game for Boston with 60 points as he dragged his team into an unexpected victory over the team. San Antonio Tottenham Shots 20 to 37 from the field, 5 to 7 from 3-point range and 15 to 17 from the spoiled streak.

It started with a jump away and ended with a free throw on the ice of San Antonio in overtime. You can watch those footage and everything in between from Boston’s return with a 32-point win in overtime here:

Tristan Thompson said it better after the match.

It’s been Jason Tatum’s night against Tottenham through the ages

Putting the performance in context requires some fun facts.

Tatum is the second youngest player in NBA history with a score of 60, trailing behind the Devin Booker game of 70 points at the age of 20, According to ESPN Statistics and Information. He’s also the first Boston player to score 50 in multiple matches in a single season.

He managed to score 60 without a single spin while adding 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 block.

Scoring 60 is an achievement to be celebrated. Doing it the way Tatum did it adds another one later. The Celtics needed each of them to make the third biggest comeback in NBA history.

San Antonio had a 90% chance of winning for most of the match. When your biggest advance is 32 points, it is easy to see why.

Unfortunately for Tottenham, Tatum’s efforts to beat this advance led to a dramatic end to what appeared to be non-competitive competition. The Celtics scored just 16 points in the first quarter, of which 12 belonged to Tatum.

He scored 31 points in the fourth quarter and overtime to ensure his team won 143-140 despite a slow start.