May 9, 2021


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Watch John Legend Compare Chrissy Tegan with Simon Byles in Cute Clips

“Of course we are all so proud of Simon Byles as an American,” the legend says. “He’s one of the best athletes we’ve ever seen at the Olympics, but he’s faced a lot of challenges so we wanted to address all of that in this film.”

The legend points to a more important female personality in the light of his life: wife Chrissy Tegan. The legend explained, “I felt like I could sympathize with Simon’s story because I was by my wife’s side when he took the troll online.” “I think women get a lot more negativity online than men and especially in the case of female athletes they often have to face, ‘Oh they’re hot or not?’ At the same time they are dealing with, ‘Are they really good at their sport?’

Thankfully the legend is not reluctant to stand up against sex everywhere. And as her parents skill? Let’s just say they’re pretty cute for Instagram too

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