Home Entertainment Watch: ‘Kafan’, a strange 90-second horror short film on lockdown

Watch: ‘Kafan’, a strange 90-second horror short film on lockdown


Watch: ‘Kafan’, a strange 90-second horror short film on lockdown

By alex billington
2 June 2021

Something scary can happen under the sheets, so be careful when you go to bed tonight… check out this excellent little “micro-horror short” shroud made by filmmakers Patrick Mason and his wife Ingrid Heidelberger. It was created by him completely during the lockdown last year at his home, on post with a few friends, and the best part is that it’s actually just a really funny short of over 60 seconds of actual footage. is film. It’s a good one, worth a quick watch. Another great example of how to make a Kick Ass short film by getting every last detail from the lighting to the mood, so you don’t even need more than 90 seconds to thrill the audience. Jump straight into it and watch it keep making more creepy shorts.

Thanks to Patrick for the tip on this brief. Here is a very simple brief description vimeo: “There’s something under the sheets.” yes there is… shroud is a short horror short film made by Patrick Mason and Ingrid Heidelberger. “Made on lockdown.” Mason is based in Philadelphia – you can see more of his work Vimeo. On or visit her official website or follow on Instagram. Featuring score by David Molina, and sound design by Jack DeVries, and color by Alec Vers. Patrick explains to us that it was made “with my wife during the height of lockdown, a broken light stand, and a lot of gaffe tape.” Ha. Great job, both of you! For more information about the acronym, visit vimeo or his website. To see more shorts, Click here. Your thoughts on this?

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