May 9, 2021


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Watch Thieves break into a Francesco hair salon in Sutton Colfield in a 20-kilometer raid on the BMW

This is the time when thieves broke their way Sutton Coldfield Hair salon with windshield wiper before entering the compound and holding thousands of pounds worth of gear.

The robbery took place on Monday, April 19, shortly before 3:30 a.m. in a black BM beat outside Francesco’s hairdresser on Burnet Street in Streetly.

The masked and masked invader uses a windshield to break in and out.

Dressed in red gloves, a covered top, dark undercoats, and white coaches, the thief entered the compound and snatched the stock.

Watch as thieves in Stritley rob a Francesco hair salon

The goods are valued at 9 859 pounds each. Hairdressers and hair dryers, three pairs of scissors, one laptop, keratas hair products, colored and 4000 Euro laptop are packed in one box.

Another thief was locked up for more than three months after being locked up for more than three months due to a coronavirus.

The whole attack took place in less than five minutes.

The total amount of stolen goods and damages will be £ 20,000 with the insurers reviewing the claim.

The business is jointly owned by Sam Marshall and Michael Swords.

Mr. Sower told Birmingham Live: “It is very sad to be honest. It is very unusual now.

We are struggling to leave the business alone. We fear it will happen again.

We only bought the salon in December, three weeks before the lockout.

This happened in the first week after we opened it. But the group all fought back.

In one invader, he is seen once emptying the shelves and filling a container with hair products
Watch as thieves in Stritley rob a Francesco hair salon

Mr. Marshall said: “They broke the front door and damaged the window.

“Throw the wind through the window. They demolished our new card deck and took almost all of our stock.

They tore at them. We also damaged all of our IT equipment. Police are investigating. The same car is believed to be under anesthesia. ”

They are believed to have the same robbers A vape shop invaded In Solihul And two other salons, one at a time Harbor In Birmingham And another by Edgabaston.

Staphoreshire Police “On Monday, April 19, at around 3:30 am, the perpetrators smashed the window of Francesco’s hairdressing venue on Burnet Road in Little Aston,” said Pisiso, Andrea Hornall.

Two criminals broke into the living room and stole several hair products, hair dryers, and other equipment. They left the area with a black BMW.

Any information about this incident must be reported to StafordShire Police at 101 or on the Staphoreshire Police website on record 19/04/21.