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Weatherspoon boss Tim Martin calls for more migration from EU


Weatherspoon boss Tim Martin has called for more migration from the EU to help deal with the shortage of bar staff working within the UK.

The pro-Brexit millionaire and Weatherpoon’s boss has urged Boris Johnson to introduce a “reasonably liberal immigration system” controlled by the UK instead of the EU.

He recommended that the prime minister adopt a visa scheme for workers in the bloc to help the country’s pubs and restaurants to hire employees more frequently as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tim Martinwho was a vocal supporter of Britain leaving the European Unionalso suggested that countries geographically closer to the United Kingdom may be preferred for the suggested programme.

comes after The easing of coronavirus restrictions has been put on hold for millions in ScotlandBut from Saturday the rules will be relaxed in Glasgow. Most countries were due to step down a level in the Scottish five-tier system from next week.

He told me daily Telegraph: “The UK has a low birth rate. A fairly liberal immigration system, controlled by the people we choose, apart from the EU system, would be a plus for the economy and the country.

“The US, Australia and Singapore have benefited from this approach for several decades. Joint migration works with democracy.”

This comes after reports of a growing staff crunch within the sector, which has forced many pub and restaurant owners to close during busy lunch hours.

Mr Martin’s comments have provoked a bewildered reaction from many on social media platforms.

Pro-EU campaigner Femi Oluvole wrote: “I really hope Tim Martin never meets Tim Martin. He will be very angry!”

labor councilor Freddie BaileyPreston City Council’s said: “Pro-Brexit Weatherspoon boss Tim Martin has called for more EU migration to deal with the labor shortage.

“Do I really need to say anything?”

Weatherspoon’s boss faced a backlash at the start of the coronavirus pandemic for issuing a video message to employees in March asking them to “work at Tesco” because they warned their salaries would drop in April. likely to be delayed up to a month. 2020.

comes after UK home prices up 10.9 per cent by May, the highest level seen in seven years, according to Nationwide. The average home price in the UK has risen to £242,832, an increase of £23,930 over the previous year.

In the video message, he explained that his company would depend on government grants to pay its employees, unless government ministers fulfilled their promise to pay 80% of workers’ wages. holiday plan.

However, Tim Martin stated that if people had previously worked for Weatherspoon, they would have been guaranteed that they would be given first preference if they chose to return.

In March of this year, the chain announced it was investing £145 million in new pubs, as well as upgrades to create 2,000 more jobs.

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