West Belfast family helping others donate blood in memory of my mother

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The West Belfast family paid tribute to his wife, mother and grandmother for a cause he was passionate about.

Frances Smith, 56, passed away last month after battling kidney cancer, and in her last year of life, foreigners improved her quality of life through blood donation.

described by the community ballymurphy Frances’ family encourages others to consider donating blood, as “a loving, selfless, strong woman who is dedicated to making life better for those around her.”

His friends and family have now donated blood in his memory on his birthday.

Frances’ husband Marty

Frances’ wife, Marty, said: “Frances was diagnosed with kidney cancer over a year ago and even had a kidney removed. As Frances’ cancer came back and she passed away peacefully at home surrounded by our family a short time later, last month.

“Frances has been hopeful throughout her struggle because her quality of life has improved due to the many blood transfusions she’s had during that time. Someone selflessly took the time to donate that blood, and we want to do the same in his memory.

“Today is Frances’ birthday and she would be 56. Frances has always wanted to help others in everything she does and I believe she would be very proud of her family today.

“Our grandson Dáithí has ​​been waiting for the gift of a new heart for over three years and has benefited many times from donated blood in his short life.

“Like me, Frances has spent the last few years of her life raising awareness about organ donation through the Donate4Dáithí awareness campaign, in the hopes that little Dáithí will improve her hopes of getting a heart transplant.

“We invite anyone who can to consider donating blood. You’re in and out in less than 45 minutes, but the difference this can make in people’s lives is remarkable. One donation could potentially save three lives.

If Frances’s story can even encourage a person outside of our family to donate, we’ve done her proud.”

For more information or to register for blood donation, please Follow this link.


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