West Side Story character posters highlight cast of Spielberg’s remake

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New posters for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming West Side Story remake show cast members, including legacy cast member Rita Moreno.

Newly released posters for Steven Spielberg’s debut West Side History show some of the main cast members. Spielberg’s highly anticipated remake of the popular 1961 movie musical classic finally hit theaters in just a few weeks after being delayed for an entire year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The original West Side History Film was an adaptation of the award-winning 1957 Broadway Musical, and the upcoming release is a remake of that film. Spielberg’s adaptation has gained a lot of buzz, especially since it came out during the awards season and has Original lyricist Stephen Sondheim back for the project.


West Side History will see Ansel portray Elgort Tony, while Rachel Zegler appears in her first film role as María. The story follows a Romeo and Juliet-inspired love affair between the two on the Upper West Side of New York City. María is the sister of Bernardo (David Alvarez) who is the leader of the Sharks, a Puerto Rican gang. Tony is a former member of the Jets, a white band. The film deals with the rising tensions between the two bands, and its effects on the wider community. The upcoming Movie also sees Rita Moreno playing Valentina. In the the original West Side History, Moreno played the role of Anita, played by Ariana DeBose in Spielberg’s adaptation.

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In addition to a previously published poster, the West Side History official Twitter account has now revealed new character-centric posters. The pictures show new looks on Tony, María, Valentina, Bernardo, and Anita. The posters also show specific backgrounds that align with the characters and important events in the film. Check out all the new character posters below:

The new ones West Side History Posters give fans some of the best looks at the characters yet. While there were trailers and other images previously released for the film, these were notoriously vague, apparently in order not to spoil the musical numbers. Relying only on short character features so far is an interesting choice for the film when one considers the unique situation of its two leads. Elgort’s casting as Tony has recently caused controversy due to recent sexual assault claims made against the actor. Meanwhile, Zegler has yet to make her on-screen debut, but has already become a big name after it was announced that she will be playing in Disney’s Upcoming Snow white Live-Action Remake. Regardless, Zegler has proven to be a perfect choice for Maria over videos she posted on social media.

Like Spielberg’s new West Side History getting closer, marketing for the film naturally starts in the equipment. This will certainly lead to more West Side History Images and posters, and possibly more detailed sneak peeks at the film’s highly anticipated big musical numbers. It will be exciting for fans to see what West Side History has to offer when the film is released in just a few weeks, finally revealing the veteran director’s take on the iconic music and imagery of the film.

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Source: West Side History/ Twitter

  • West Side Story (2021)Release Date: December 10, 2021

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