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Clayton Oliver spoke to Channel 7 after the game …

I can see it in your face. We don’t need to say anything, but what are the emotions here at ground level?

I do not know what to say. It’s just incredible.

What happened after the break? The Dogs came out for the second term and scored six goals, and it looked like they really were at their best, but then you guys came out and were incredible in the second half.

The first quarter went well, and in the second we got a little lost. We knew that this is the strongest team, so we had to overtake them. It’s incredible that we came back from the second quarter.

Imagine everyone who has returned home to Melbourne, your members, fans and supporters watching at home on their sofas, what do you say to them?

They are tough on this with COVID, so we have a big goal for Victoria and all Melbourne fans. It’s been a long few years, 57 years, so incredible.

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