Western United beat Perth Glory in the A-League Men to hit a nine-game losing streak

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A 78-minute goal for substitute Dylan Wenzel-Halls gave Australian football legend John Aloisi his first victory as manager of Western United.

Victoria club ended a nine-game losing streak by beating Perth Glory 1-0 at home in the A-League Men.

Aloisi showed his managerial skills in the third different A-league Men’s club and brought in Wenzel-Halls to make a difference in the game in the second half.

The 23-year-old took two shots by Glory goalkeeper Brad Jones before the ball bounced off the goalkeeper and gifted a goal, before landing at his feet just centimeters from the goal.

Wenzel-Halls said the pressure had eased after he scored his first goal for his new club after the win.

“Scoring my first goal for my new club is a monkey off my back,” he said.

“[Connor] The pain felt so good [with the cross] and I couldn’t miss it.

“We weren’t in the best shape, but we were still able to get a result.”

It was a tactical first half, with both sides trying to get past each other’s defenses.

United midfielder Alessandro Diamanti attempted an ambitious shot from the other side of midfield in the 20th minute, attempting to steal an unexpected opener as Glory goalkeeper Jamie Young was pulled from the line.

However, Young managed to pedal back for a corner and get the ball over the crossbar.

Just before the break, Glory had the best chance of the first half when striker Bruno Fornaroli found himself in the penalty area with only the goalkeeper to beat.

From a narrow angle, the Uruguayan threw his left foot in front of the goal at halftime to keep the sides goalless.

At the end of a brilliant pass from Daniel Stynes, Fornaroli got another chance in the fifth minute of the second half and took him back into the box.

Fornaroli took a left-footed shot from a similar spot he did in the first half, this time that Glory goalkeeper Brad Jones had to parry for a corner.

Two football players go for a ball at chest level.
Fornaroli (left) threatened for Glory but was stopped by United’s defenders, including Leo Lacroix (right).(AAP: Daniel Pockett)

From there, United gained the upper hand, threatening to create chances in the Glory box.

But similar to the Melbourne Victory loss last week, United were unable to find the rest of the net.

The breakthrough finally came in the 78th minute when Connor Pain took the ball to the sideline and made a cross from Jones to the crossbar.

The ball bounced in the way of Wenzel-Halls, who was standing at the mouth of the goal for the lead score.

A defeat means Glory has only one point from their opening two games.

On the Perth side, a lot of excitement has come into the new season with the signing of British superstar Daniel Sturridge, who did not play on Friday.

With three points on the board, United hope this is a sign of things to come for Aloisi.

United will face the reigning champions Melbourne City next week, while Perth will remain in Melbourne to face Victory on Sunday.


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