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What are you saying Stephen King ‘East Town Marie’ scandal, funny spinoffs and hardcore sleuthing


Sunday’s HBA investigative drama “Estuune Mare” may be the most anticipated moment on television since the end of the last “Game of Thrones”, which means there is a hell of a lot to ride in this exciting series.

There is no shortage of speculation about what will happen in the seventh and final episode, as spectators try to gather together to assassinate Erin Macmeman, who knows and what it means to the actor Mari agon han.

We have already investigated Seven Burning Questions The show needs answers Until the end of Sunday night, however, we will be looking at some of the discussions that will take place over Memorial weekend and the series of decisions we look forward to.

Stephen King is not buying Billy Ross as a killer

If anyone knows a playbook on the secrets of modern murder, Stephen King, author of 62 novels and about 200 short stories in his day, many went to the screen. There is a skeptic and a misguided person who knows the structure of the plot and everything there.

And if you ask Mr. King, Billy Ross’s description of the murder in the sixth episode of “Estawn Mari” will end up like a fishing trip.

Not only that, but King John Ross did not believe that Erin was the killer. If you look at the Twitter thread, you will see King John responding to a fan who considered him a killer.

“I politely disagree,” King replied.

So is it Dylan? Lori? Frank? Someone else? Whatever the case, it would be interesting to see who the King identified as the main suspect.

The author of the series, Brad Inglesby, has his own style – and the work will be in an indelible form by accepting the end of “East Town Mari”. But if Stephen King is giving his thumbs up, he is doing something right.

Could there be a series of “Esta Marie Mari” vortex?

Well, he’s playing “Thrones Game”, why not? Maybe Engelsby, director Craig Zobel and HBB would like to leave it as “Estuune Mare”, which may be a noble choice. But fans can dream, right?

Above new York, Emily Fleck and Wendy Aaron have some fun twisting ideas. They wrote obscene jokes about their subjects in East Town Marie, and worked on some great paintings.

About “Eastern City Chair?”

A small town in Pennsylvania was shaken by a magnificent chalk when it was time to attend another local funeral. Do you believe in life after love? She asked the young priest who was guilty of something. “Also, what is my hair doing? *** Is it an invader?”

no? Maybe “East Town Bear?”

Chu Chu Beer once came to the city of Pennsylvania, once a popular zoo, to rejuvenate the city by solving murders. But when Chu Chu catches a camera while feeding one of the victims, the community has to ask uncomfortable questions, such as, “Was it really such a hot idea to cut costs by giving municipal work to all the animals?”

How about a DJ’s backbone that has been hidden in all seriousness for 15 years? Who will be the center child of all this drama, and what will life be like in 2036 East City? What about Kenny McMahon’s life after his release from prison? Will he stay in Estta? Can he find clues to an unanswered question?

Internet leakage – and Heavy Internet sleuths

He is trying to dispel a number of hypotheses that could lead to half-hearted pleasure by watching a series of films, such as the Ireston Mari. Viewers should re-examine the scenes of each scene and scene, analyze the tone and expression of the actors, analyze the overall arch of the show, and pay attention to the visual cues that indicate where to look.

Of course, the most important piece of evidence in everyone’s mind is the photograph taken by Jesse Riley at the end of Part 6 for Carter. This is boring. This seems to have been a major factor in Marie’s involvement in John and Billy’s intervention. Ross fishing trip. She obviously killed Billy Erin, based on what Lori had promised her, but what does this photo show that would change her pace to face him?

When the boss took a photo, we were able to see the rear light better by adjusting the contrast of that screen shot. That’s what Volt Photo Editors did, and you’re in for a bit of speculation about the photo.

From the vagina

If you fall, Erin ይመስላል seems to be able to see somewhere. (But she really lives in it, doesn’t she?) Personally, in the upper left corner of the frame, I saw her right arm folded over her chest. Some people on Reddit will see it in the lower right corner. Or maybe it was cut near the top? And what happens if you rotate the photo to make it fit Jess at first? Well, then, if you suspect he is a murderer, will any of the male actors have a picture of Erin? John Ross, Frank, maybe Lori’s little Ryan? Or could it be that Kevin, the son of Mari, is believed to be the real father of Erin’s baby? (If so, it would not be Kevin the killer, because the spirits do not seem to be in Estonne Mari.)

That Walia article refers to “East Town Mari”. Sub-program, And if you really want to lose your mind and take all the crazy opportunities into consideration, that is the rabbit hole you have to visit. Well-thought-out concepts and lengthy discussions about each potential suspect will discuss whether those clues add up and whether there may be a hole in them.

Most of the time, these are the fans of the show who think about this crime in unexpected ways. If you want to get a broader view of what might happen on Sunday night, you may have some fun around Reddit for a while.

But as A popular post by a Reddit user He suggests, perhaps we are all thinking too hard

Everyone is looking at this the wrong way. The scene is not a murder mystery. It is a behavioral study in which the character is estranged.

Remember when those girls were missing and they all had these theories about who did it and why they met? The solution was not an enigmatic puzzle. There was only one owner of the old bar.

I think we will find Dylan and Billy fighting in the park because they are DJ’s father, Dylan went to beat Billy, Erin tried to stop him and in the process she choked her finger. Dylan hits Erin and accidentally kills her. Billy is so drunk he doesn’t really know what’s going on.

Does that sound disappointing? cool. The purpose of the Creator is to show how these narrow-minded cities in “Mari …” are narrowed in the lives of those who were born, raised, or for some other reason find themselves there. Not to please you with a clever murder secret. The secret is the only way the story driver is using it to get us to the end … the worst is the estimate …

Is that such a frustration? What if the killing was a serious mistake? For many viewers, the drama series “East Town Mari” may have found a way to convey the mysterious stance. Perhaps what about the journey and the real implications of life for the rest of Mari’s life.

Where is the politics?

Take that receipt, Calculation published a piece this week According to Robert Ripino of Drax Hill, who claims that there is no political shortage in East Town Mari, “East Mari” does not seem to be as real as Delaware County in Rapano’s view:

Like many cities in the county, Draxel Hill grew rapidly in the late 20th century, as a group of mostly my own parents came from Philadelphia. And now, decades later, Draxel Hill is at the crossroads of politics and democratization, as the region becomes more ethnically diverse and progressive, contrary to the needs of many or second- or third-generation white Christians living there.

While this is an obvious source of tension and unrest, it never mentions politics in the East Town Marie. In many pubs there is a kitchen table debate, no one knows who is drunk, no campaign posters, no red hats, from Mari’s mother Helen, although a politically correct mistake. For Delco’s son, this is not the only chance he lost his political will. Watching the show makes it a real experience.

Ripino shows the point A shocking number of people Evidence for the January 6 Capitol uprising in southeastern Pennsylvania is unchanging. And while he acknowledges that political and racial tensions should not be the result, Ripono feels that those tensions go a long way in explaining the “most tragic problems of the show.”

Politics can be difficult to “show off” in dramatic narratives, and it can sometimes lead to coercion. Ripino has a balanced critique, but it is unclear how the political consciousness will improve the series or how conservative politics is to show that these characters are facing a unique challenge.

Perhaps a handwritten comment or a piece of paper has been used for some time to refer to these political issues in a dark or humorous way. In one of the scenes in the show, a political commentary from a fictional district attorney could easily have done this, in response to the characters to give a more personal touch.

But is it fair to say that the series actively avoided politics? The lens of religion, Engelsby and Zobel, suggests that the Christian community was an important part of exploring the East. Perhaps this unique story would not have benefited from the superficial interest in politics in seven sections. If the show had been longer, I would not have escaped.

In real life you can’t escape already, that’s for sure. Every Sunday night at 10:00, HBO can meet at least one estimate of the Martian fan.


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