May 7, 2021


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What if Dominic Smith and Velez Jose Alvarado of the Mets actually fought

Come to me, brother

Come to me, brother
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In case you missed it, the first New York Mets-turned-defender Dominic Smith wanted to have sex with Philadelphia Velez player Jose Alvarado.

You’ll see it here at 1:30 PM from SNY’s featured video of what looks like entry-level music for a WWE employer. Alvarado netted Smith to finish the lead in the eighth game, and maintained the lead 2-1, which Velez subsequently retained to win. Alvarado celebrated with the strike and mocked Smith, who made the exception and wanted to advance to Alvarado, who claimed after the match that he was a fake tough guy.

“I don’t mind people pimping the“ knocks, pimps ”things out in the field. Smith insisted in the title Zoom after the game.“ He’s pointing at me, coming after me, and things like that, I mean, I’m a grown-up guy. Come meet me if you really have a problem and we can handle it.

“He waited for his team to catch him and things, you know, I’m there. He can meet me in the tunnel tomorrow if he really wants to chase after her.”

When asked what was already being said, Smith said, “I don’t speak Spanish, so I can’t explain everything he said. He was pointing at his head. He was pointing at me, he was pointing to me down the middle, he was saying things, but apparently he felt kind of way. When I yelled at him when he got up and got in [Michael] Conforto and Conforto were struck. He hit four of our men. As their manager said, “If you can’t hit, you don’t have to be in the big leagues.”

The Mets and Phillies are playing again tonight around 6 pm, But damn it, here’s the tape’s anecdote.

Smith is listed on 6 feet 239 pounds, That may Be really low. He’s from Los Angeles, and since he’s hitting with his left hand, we’ll assume he’s fighting in a southerly position. Alvarado is listed At 6 feet -2, 245 pounds. who is he MaracaiboVenezuela)Don’t play there)And, being left-handed, we’ll also assume a Sotheby’s stance. Alvarado might have a slight advantage in reach since it is two inches longer, but it’s not an ideal size for setting that. Emmanuel Navaretti held a distance of eight inches above Christopher Diaz Last week despite being 1 inch taller. Smith Alvarado also has a rare fit between two Southern Paws, which It didn’t go well for Paul Williams this timeAnd as far as we know, they’re both 0-0 in combat sports

It’s safe to say, we’re looking forward to any time they fight … they face each other in baseball again.