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What is digital transformation and why is it so important today?


Digital innovation is now, so to speak, more important than ever. Reconsidering business in line with the digital age, and creating resources to implement these ideas, is a priority for all organizations.

But what does this really mean? Digital innovation is essentially the practice of using digital technologies to streamline business processes, culture and customer experiences. However, the concept doesn’t mean just copying an existing service and moving it to digital, it means using tech to transform that service into something better.

An important digital innovation project is completely streamlining a process or structure, rather than simply enhancing traditional methods. It should create a novelty category that improves customer experience, employee efficiency, or business outcomes. Often, the most difficult aspect of this is translating a good idea into implementation.

The change must take place to match the evolving demands and requirements of the market, and the pandemic has catalysed a major global change in this matter. Covid-19 is the short answer to why the importance of digital transformation has increased.

Digital innovation marks a radical rethink of how an organization uses technology, people and processes to fundamentally change business performance, says George Westerman, MIT chief. researcher scientist. Naturally, this rethinking occurs when a business arrives at a critical time in its journey; Covid-19 unexpectedly triggered this for most businesses.

As with most general rules, ‘digital transformation ‘has become quite a buzzword, mainly within sales tactics. Despite this, founders, entrepreneurs and business thinkers are using concepts that have fallen under digital innovation to revolutionize key practices in ways that are too important to ignore.

Driving change using digital transformation

There are many implementations of digital change, but Cloud computing, ang Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence all ranked as hot topics.

On the consumer side of things, big role plays a major role. Primarily, investing in data can enable your business to keep pace with the rate at which customer expectations change. The data will soon be a defining distinction between companies and their competitors; the ability to unlock, analyze and adapt data usage will be key to significant growth.

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With this in mind, it’s not surprising to hear that organizations are investing in data analytics. 2019 facilitates a push for the acquisition of Data Scientists, but now we see the need for Cloud Data Architects and Cloud Data Engineers. Alex Cosgrove, Head of Data Insight and Analytics at ADLIB, explains, “many companies have researched data science algorithms and models and now need to deploy them into their systems and products,” showing the real shift taking place.

Customers and businesses will have a serious opportunity with data. Present, bthe multiplication fails to meet expectations of seamless and personalized experiences – MuleSoft It is reported that 72% of global consumers will consider changing service providers in response to receiving an unlinked experience. Organizations clearly recognize this as 90% believe their income will be negatively impacted if they do not complete digital innovation initiatives in the next 12 months.

But digital innovation isn’t just for the customer. Businesses are enhancing their internal processes to improve the efficiency of team collaboration-and automation has become a key consideration for businesses. This provides an opportunity for innovative business systems and increasingly, IT decision makers are recognizing automation as a key initiative within digital transformation.

One of the many lessons learned from 2020 is that every business should be a digital business – for customers at the employees alike With great ideas, tools and resources developed through the lens of digital transformation, there is a major opportunity for all of us to change the living stagnant aspects of our work practices and customer experiences.

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